Flower of Life CBD Muscle Freeze & Sleep Aid Review

ABOUT Flower of Life CBD

Flower of LifeSince 2017, Flower of Life (FOL) has been a CBD industry staple that promotes hemp as the eponymous “flower of life.” They are based in San Clemente, CA, and offer a whole range of products that highlight the powers of this flower and its derivatives. Flower of Life has everything from an entire range of topicals, smokeables, CBD for pet products, gummies, vapes, and more. All of the products offered by Flower of Life CBD are tested so you can rest assured that THC levels are federally compliant. Many of these products feature the use of full-spectrum hemp CBD oil mixed with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. That CBD oil is provided by all-natural and organic hemp flowers processed by professionals. I’ve previously reviewed Flower of Life CBD’s vape, gummy bears, salves, tinctures, and pre-rolls and am appreciative of the array of CBD products offered. This time around, FOL CBD sent over their full-spectrum CBD Freeze and CBD Sleep Aid to be reviewed.

Flower of Life CBD Freeze Review

The Flower of Life Full Spectrum CBD Freeze comes in a white, plastic 3 fl oz bottle branded with the classic geometric FOL flower design. While the text goes from green to purple and everything in between. Opening the CBD freeze reveals the roll-on top and if you bring your nose close, you’ll smell the menthol and isopropyl alcohol mixed together. The freeze is gluten-free, non-GMO, no THC, and contains 500mg of CBD. I followed the instructions to shake well before use and also held the bottle upside down so the roll-on top would be properly lubricated, but that definitely wasn’t necessary. As soon as I started rolling the CBD freeze onto the sore parts of my legs, the feeling of soreness was punctuated by a sharp cold which was shocking, not painful. The main ingredient is menthol, which provides the cold therapy part of this product’s pain relief - so it was colder than I expected.
Flower of Life
Usually, if you touch something cold with a hurt part of your body, the relief is only temporary as your skin gets used to the temperature and wetness of ice for instance. With the CBD freeze, it’s as if the pain is frozen in its tracks and doesn't come back for hours. The cold doesn’t keep bothering you, either - it devolves into a pleasant numbness. This freeze is a heavy-duty medicinal use device and contains more menthol than other mentholated rubs that I’ve tried before - both with and without CBD. I consider this a huge plus as you don’t need to use as much rub to get the same effect so it dries faster. I don’t need to leave skin exposed to air; when applying the freeze to the small of my back under my shirt. I can put the shirt back down sooner and not have rub getting into my clothes. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Flower of Life CBD Sleep Aid Review

The Flower of Life Full Spectrum Sleep Aid comes in a sealed plastic bag with a window on one side and the classic FOL CBD branding on the other side. Each CBD sleep aid pack comes with 5 soft gel capsules containing 25mg of CBD each. Besides CBD, sleep aids also contain chamomile, melatonin, and beta-caryophyllene.
Flower of Life
I took 1 CBD sleep aid soft gel an hour before going to sleep as suggested by the directions for use. I personally began falling asleep before the one hour mark and I remember feeling relaxed before I fell asleep. I really like the green color of the soft gels as well as their size. They are not big in diameter and they also aren’t long or awkwardly shaped meaning they’re easy to swallow.
Flower of Life
It’s worth remembering that CBD doesn’t make you sleepy, its presence in a sleep aid more helps with the depth of your sleep. I woke up feeling very refreshed despite going on a strenuous hike the day before and I felt like I didn’t wake up as many times during the night. I often take CBD tinctures before sleeping and these sleep aid soft gels were just as effective. One thing that is great is that these soft gels are the tasteless way to get CBD into your body before sleep after you’ve brushed your teeth. There isn’t even an herb like taste like you’d get with a CBD tincture! Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 Flower of Life’s Full Spectrum CBD Freeze packs 500mg of CBD and 4% menthol which gives you fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief. On the other end of their new offerings, Flower of Life’s Full Spectrum CBD Sleep Aid offers 25mg of CBD per capsule and can be taken easily before sleeping. FOL’s CBD products are natural and trustable, offering a wide range of ways to get it into your endocannabinoid system truly showcase hemp as the flower of life. Use code “SLYNG20” for an awesome 20% OFF your entire order from Flower of Life CBD!