Flower Of Life CBD Watermelon Haze D8 Vape Cartridge Review


Flower of Life is a leading provider of CBD products, but they also now have Delta 8 THC vape cartridges. Check out our reviews on their Watermelon haze Delta 8 THC vape cartridge to find out if it’s the D8 experience you’ve been looking for.

Flower of Life CBD Company Info

Flower of Life (aka FOLCBD) has been a leader in the hemp industry since 2017. They are based in San Clemente, California and offer a wide array of product offerings including topicals, edibles, CBD for pets, and vape-ables. Many of their products are geared towards specific uses - such as sleep aid gummies that include melatonin.

The name, Flower of Life, refers to the hemp (cannabis sativa) flower that is extracted and forms the base of all Flower of Life CBD products - even their D8 products. All of the products offered by Flower of Life are tested so you can rest assured that Delta 9 THC levels are federally compliant. 

I’ve previously been able to try Flower of Life’s CBD gummies, their full-spectrum CBD tincture, and their CBD Freeze Roll-On for pain relief among other things. This time around, the company sent over its new Watermelon Haze D8 THC vape cartridge for me to review.

Flower of Life Watermelon Haze D8 Vape Cartridge Review

The Flower of Life Watermelon Haze D8 THC Vape Cartridge comes in a plastic container with a space-y background and FOLCBD’s classic geometric design logo. Inside the 510 threaded cartridge is 1 full gram of "FOLCBD’s D8 THC distillate and organic terpenes for natural flavors derived from the cannabis plant". Besides Watermelon Haze, FOLCBD also has this cart available in Hardcore OG and Grape Ape flavors.

I took a blinker hit to start with just so I could get a feel for how powerful the cart could be. It’s also a standard opening move just because it emulates what so many new users of carts will do when they first get their hands on one - and what experienced users will do to test the cart’s limits. So like all the best opening moves from games like Chess and Starcraft… this opening hit is efficacious, keeps options open, and most of all: is easy to remember while high.

This is that classic watermelon taste that you might remember from a bubblegum or candy. It’s the bright pink kind of watermelon, not the deep red and seeded black and green rinded kind of watermelon. It is a familiar taste to me and I bet that it’ll be a familiar taste to you, too. It’s nice to switch it up a little bit and get a flavor profile that is consistent in smell, taste on inhale, and taste on exhale. This is a vaping experience that is familiar to me from my nicotine vaping days and mirrors the juicy fruity taste of other vapes that I’ve tried from Flower of Life. I’m glad to see that they’re still at it.

This is a throwback, I still remember the first Flower of Life CBD product that I ever tried. It was a CBD vape in an orange flavor that came in an interesting form factor. In contrast, the Watermelon Haze D8 vape was as standard as they come: a simple 510 threaded cartridge with delicious and efficacious distillate inside.

The effects of the vape hit within minutes of my first large hit. There are a few things I notice first when I start lifting off - such as my heart beat and how far I think my peripheral vision can go. These indicators that I’m high started going off and before I knew it, I was lifted and near the cloud cover. As with my previous D8 highs, my head wasn’t necessarily “in the clouds,” I wasn’t stoned or smacked beyond recognition but I was definitely feeling floaty. 

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Flower of Life CBD has long earned its place in the CBD industry. It’s refreshing to see this established company add D8 THC to its lines of products and I look forward. As always, another great thing about FOLCBD is that they do have products made with CBD isolate that don’t have any THC (D8 or D9) for those that can’t risk failing a drug test. If that isn’t a concern though, I wholeheartedly recommend their Watermelon Haze D8 THC vape cart for its efficacy and its taste. Each hit is like a throwback - to what? I don’t know.

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