FlowGardens Hydroponic Flower Review

FlowGardens Hydroponic Flower

Company Overview

FlowGardens is passionate about cultivating the best cannabis possible. The mission is to bring health and happiness to the world through premium-quality cannabis. They believe this plant can transform people's lives, helping them connect with their inner selves and unlock their full potential.

FlowGardens' team of experts works painstakingly to carefully cultivate the finest strains of cannabis, paying close attention to every detail along the way. They are constantly experimenting in a state-of-the-art indoor facility, utilizing cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience to continually push the boundaries of what is possible with this incredible plant. FlowGardens ensures that every step is handled with love and care, from conception to cultivation to harvest, so their customers get only the highest quality products.

Whether you're a medical patient looking for relief from your ailments or an enthusiast seeking an elevated experience, FlowGardens has something for everyone. With premium cannabis products and an unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction, we are changing perceptions about this remarkable plant one person at a time.

Today I will review four of their hydroponic flower strains, Platinum OG, B.O.B, Paradise OG, and Unicorn Butter.

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Hydroponic Flower - Platinum OG

Cannabis smokers often determine what kind of flower they want to smoke based on their sativa or indica preferences or if they have a go-to strain that they value. Many smokers don't think about how the strain is made or what flower is grown. FlowGardens does care about the quality of flower and the care that goes into growing them, which is why their product stands out from the rest.

For those who don't know what hydroponic flower is, let me break it down for you and tell you why it's so crucial in cultivating. A hydroponic farm is a system that allows plants to grow and thrive using nutrient-rich water instead of soil. Adding various nutrients to the water creates an ideal environment for healthy plant growth, ensuring that the plants can absorb the nutrients they need without having to expend energy looking for them in the soil.

Additionally, hydroponic farms typically require significantly less space than traditional farms and use much less water, making them ideal for urban growing operations or areas with limited natural resources. And because these farms can produce such high-quality yields at higher rates than other methods, they are particularly well suited for growing cannabis.

Now let's get into the first strain. For reviewing purposes, I decided to grind up and roll the flower into a blunt to enjoy the strains and feel the effects. I started with the Platinum OG. Platinum OG is an indica strain known for its relaxing effects and citrusy, sweet taste.

The flower is a beautiful purplish color, sticky and plump. I ground it up in seconds and rolled it, ready to taste its signature aroma. I wasn't disappointed; it was such a great taste and was so smooth; it went perfectly with the glass of wine I was sipping.

After about 10 minutes of smoking, I relaxed and chilled out. I felt all day's worries melt away, and I just wanted to sit and enjoy my night. This is a great strain if you want to unwind after a long day.

Hydroponic Flower - B.O.B

The next strain I decided to try was B.O.B. Unlike Paradise, B.O.B is a sativa strain with brighter colors and a more pungent smell. This powerful strain is perfect for those who love the smell of marijuana.

I once again ground up the cannabis and rolled it. Since it's a sativa, I felt confident smoking it during the day, hoping it would give me energy and focus. Once again, it didn't disappoint. I sparked up, and I could taste a robust citrusy taste, and the smell filled the room. Within minutes I felt more focused and energized, euphoric and motivated. This strain is for you if you need a fun little pick-me-up throughout the day.

Hydroponic Flower - Paradise OG

The next strain I decided to try was Paradise OG. Paradise OG is a hybrid strain with bright green colors and a sweet taste complimented by its smell. I rolled and ground and noticed that this strain is plumper and stickier than the others.

There is nothing quite like the unique combination of THC and CBD in the tropical paradise OG strain. Despite having relatively even levels of each compound, at around 10% each, this potent hybrid gives users a surprisingly blissful and calm sense of contentment. The citrus, grape, Kush, and diesel emanating from paradise OG give this strain a distinctive and delectable flavor profile.

Additionally, its Indica/Sativa makeup makes it an ideal choice for daytime use, perfect for users seeking relief from pain or stress without sacrificing energy or focus.

Hydroponic Flower - Unicorn Butter

The last strain I tried was Unicorn Butter. Unicorn Butter is another hybrid hydroponic flower strain that combines the best cannabis offers. It's a darker green with some orange highlights and is very potent; you can smell the flower the second you open the canister.

The first hit when I sparked it was magical. This strain is unique to FlowGardens for a reason; no one else can create a fantastic strain like this. It felt so smooth and flavorful, and the effects were even more powerful.

This is an excellent hydroponic flower strain for new smokers or someone that wants to experience a more mellow high.

FlowGardens Hydroponic Flower Review - Conclusion

I could go on and on about how great the FlowGardens experience was, but I don’t want to keep you. If you want to try out some of the best hydroponic flowers, head to FlowGardens and use Slyng15 at checkout for 15% off your next order!