Flux Plasma Bong Review

Flux Plasma Bong

Hello again, friends. It’s been some time since my last review, but I am coming back at you with something out of this world: the Flux Plasma Bong.

I have not been shy in the past when discussing the absurd amount of low-quality devices that have flooded the market in recent years. As legalization efforts pass in some form across the US, many companies are introducing new devices, most of which are, quite frankly, dull and basic.

The Flux Bong: An Impressive First Product

It’s refreshing to see a new company emerge with a device as unique as the Flux plasma light bong. This water pipe is Fluxion’s first foray into the smoking accessory market. What better way to launch a brand than with a product that’s as attention-grabbing as it is iconic. Any cannabis-related company that’s able to create such a memorable piece and establish a following right from the jump is light years ahead of the competition, in my opinion.

Unboxing the New Flux Water Pipe

I got a sneak peek at what Fluxion was working on early in the process, and since then, I’ve been itching to get my hands on what some have referred to as their Flux Capacitor bong. I won't lie. It made me giddy to receive the shipping notice.

You can tell a lot about a company by its packaging. Many businesses treat their package design as an afterthought, but as a consumer, I find that some of the fun of a new toy is unwrapping that shiny new piece.

Flux Plasma Water Pipe

Fluxion doesn’t disappoint when you receive their plasma light bong. The packaging is solid and feels like an intentional part of the design process. Each Flux bong arrives securely wrapped and includes a bowl, mouthpieces, and the central unit.

Two Flux pipes showing straight and angled mouthpieces

I was thrilled to see both angled and straight mouthpieces. I'm a fan of the 45-degree mouthpiece, which fits my smoke style.

The Flux itself feels solid, and when assembled, is pretty significant. This water pipe is light. However, given the large size and the electronics inside, I understand why they chose plastic. I usually prefer something with a bit more weight, but no one wants to feel like they're using a dumbbell every time they medicate.

Flux Plasma Water Pipe Size & Weight

The base of the Flux plasma bong holds the batteries and is very wide. It’s this width that offsets the downsides of having a lighter piece. The center of gravity is pretty low since the base is so large and holds the batteries. (No worries about replacing batteries. It's rechargeable.) It’s going to be pretty hard to tip the Flux over.

Water Chamber on the Flux Plasma Bong

The main chamber, which may look like it has water, is what I’m calling the plasma beaker and is what makes the device so cool. Finally, there is a smaller chamber just off the main section, which is your water reservoir and downstem. The downstem takes a standard male 14mm bowl. 

Flux plasma bong with light effects running

Using the Flux Plasma Light Bong

The plasma beaker is reminiscent of the plasma balls that were all the rage in years past. Even younger millennials may have difficulty remembering the classic plasma ball. (They were cool. Ask your parents.)

Seeing the Flux power on and playing around with the plasma chamber brought waves of nostalgia flooding over me. The Flux water pipe begs to be talked about and truly feels like a classic stoner accessory.

The way the plasma arcs when you hold the Flux bong is so fun. A nice little touch is the ability to run the plasma chamber while the unit is charging. It’s a great piece to have on display and is sure to start a conversation.

How the Flux Smokes

Girl smoking plasma light bong

But how does the Flux bong smoke? It’s a fair question. After I spent some time traveling down memory lane, I dug out some of my favorite flower from storage and started on a good session.

The first thing I noticed about the Flux is the draw strength; it is a heavy draw. The hit is buttery smooth. This was surprising to me because the actual water chamber doesn’t hold much. (I am always wary of small water chambers. I like a lot of percolation.)

Man smoking Flux plasma water pipe

My concerns were quickly put to bed. Each draw was as smooth as the last. I’m not quite sure what the secret is here, but I like it.

Having options to choose between or swap out the different mouthpieces is a great little bonus. It gives you the ability to customize each session to your liking. That, combined with the fun Back to the Future light effects, makes this a true one-of-a-kind smoking accessory.

Flux Plasma Bong Ratings

Smiling girl holding Flux water bong

I’m pretty surprised by the Flux, and I think you will be too. The Flux plasma bong feels like a product delivered by a company with much more experience, not a first-time entry into the market. If you enjoy a light show and a great hit, you really won’t be disappointed with Fluxion and the Flux.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Want to learn more about the Flux plasma light bong, try it yourself, or learn how to clean it? Check out this sweet video to see it in action and order one for yourself.