Flyt Stik by Flytlab Reviews


Flyt Stik by Flytlab Reviews

The Flyt Stik by Flytlab works flawlessly but even among vape pens that work as well as the Flyt Stik it still manages to stand out from the crowd. Maybe it’s the Flyt Stik’s outer casing? This vaporizer is definitely attractive, with its all-black rectangular-shaped metal body looking like some kind of futuristic piece of hardware from a cyberpunk movie. Maybe it’s the heating system? The Flyt Stik features its own unique method of heating up both of its chambers and it even has its own name: Flyt Mode. This new take on choosing the desired heat setting alone makes the Flyt Stik stand apart from the competition and it eliminates the need to hold down the power button while in use. Maybe it’s the high-capacity atomizers?
The Flyt Stik comes equipped with two interchangeable atomizers (one is a ceramic slab atomizer and the other is a dual quartz atomizer) that are capable of holding more material than most vape pens of its size, allowing extra long sessions to be had. Maybe it’s the magnetic build? The Flyt Stik is entirely thread-free and held together with powerful magnets, which allows quick and simple switching of heating chambers, charging with its dock, and refilling.
And yes, I did say it has a charging dock. It lights up, too. Certainly an appealing addition. What is most appealing to me about the Flyt Stik, however, is the fact that it has a mouthpiece protector. This feature is far too elusive in today’s vape pen market but thanks to thoughtful companies like Flytlab it is not entirely forgotten, and the Flyt Stik is one of the few examples of that fact. Looking back at it, maybe it’s a combination of everything that makes the Flyt Stik what it is that makes it stand out from the rest. In any case, the Flyt Stik by Flytlab definitely ranks very high among vape pens for concentrates and it does not disappoint.

Flytlab Company Profile

A company that is stylishly inventive, Flytlab likes to think outside the box. Flytlab boasts on its resume the first vaporizer to combine the ability to use a dry herb, concentrates and e-liquids all on the same device. That vaporizer was called Fuse, and although it is unfortunately no longer available for purchase from the company, the innovative direction taken by Flytlab to bring a unique vaporization experience is a sign of the awesome things to come. Currently, Flytlab two offers premium devices that can vaporize dry herb or concentrates, named the Lift and the Flyt Stik.
The Lift is Flytlab’s clever dry herb vaporizer that features a .7g capacity ceramic chamber and a handy mouthpiece that doubles as a mid-session packing tool. The Flyt Stik is an attractive concentrates vape pen with a thread-free magnetic design, two high-capacity atomizers, and the Flyt Mode heating system. In addition to Flytlab’s unique vaporizer designs, the company makes sure to show off its sense of style as well, providing some sweet stickers with every purchase and rocking an awesome catchphrase to boot: “Get Lifted.” Visit the Flytlab web store today at

Flyt Stik Review

The entire Flyt Stik package is full of goodies, including the sexy Flyt Stik itself, one dual quartz atomizer, one ceramic slab atomizer, a nifty dab multi-tool, a USB cable, a charging dock and some swag (a FLYTLAB carrying case, stickers, and a FLYT enamel hat pin). The Flyt Stik is made of metal, fits well in either hand and using the Flyt Mode heating system is a breeze (after reading the instructions, of course). The charges take about an hour or so and the device lasts for most of the day from my use.
I tried the ceramic slab atomizer first since it was the one already attached to the Flyt Stik and I’ve never actually used a ceramic slab atomizer before. This atomizer activates the lower temperature settings on the device, which are 200F, 250F, 300F, and 350F. Flyt Mode works like so: press the power button three times and watch the lights on the bottom left to light up in a flashy sequence. Each light represents the preset temperatures in order from lowest to highest, so once the desired temperature is lit simply press the power button once and wait for the lights to turn off. The temperature is now set, and only requires one press of the button to activate it for ten seconds, which can be interrupted or stopped at any time for a shorter pull with a single press of the button. I loaded the chamber with some crumble and set the temperature to 300F in Flyt Mode. I took pulls that lasted 5-6 seconds each and got nice, tasty rips that created equally nice clouds.
Switching the atomizers was super quick since the Flyt Stik is magnetically held together, and while the magnetic connections are easy to pull apart they are also very secure while in place, making the device feel solid while in use. The dual quartz atomizer accesses the higher temperature settings on the Flyt Stik, which are 400F, 500F, 600F, and 650F. I used the 400F setting with some shatter and was pleasantly Lifted into the huge, tasty clouds I produced. This is a great vaporizer because of the looks, the clouds, the solid magnetic build, Flyt Mode, the high capacity chambers and (who could ever forget) the thoughtful inclusion of a mouthpiece cover. Thanks, Flytlab. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Ease of Use: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Overall Score: 5/5