Product Review: FlytLab L!FT Dry Herb Vaporizer


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FlytLab, located in Los Angeles, CA is the proud designer and producer of L!FT. L!FT (pronounced “Lift”) is a dry herb vaporizer that features three distinct temperature settings ranging from 365-425 degrees fahrenheit. When vaporizers were first introduced as an alternative to smoking, they generally were exclusively offered to those who use cannabis for medical purposes.

About Vaping

The concept behind vaping being that smoking negates or “voids” the healthy benefits offered by cannabis, so patients needed a healthier method of ingesting the weed. Vaporizing is intended to be a “cleaner” process because it does not involve combustion or burning the buds.

Instead the dried herb is heated evenly in a small chamber at various temperature ranges - literally being “baked” instead of burned. Therefore the process of vaporizing does not release various toxins the patient would otherwise run the risk of inhaling along with the smoke. You simply inhale vapor, and receive the benefits without the traditional, and counterproductive, risks of traditional smoking methods.

The growing popularity vaping, which is also becoming quickly embraced by the legalized recreational weed markets, has lead to some serious growth in the market and in the production of vaporizers - along with the diversity of the devices themselves. In early years, most patients saw vaporizers that typically looked like simple electronic cigarettes, discrete but plain. The growing industry has changed that and designs are becoming more unique and upscale while baking methods become more effective and more refined. 

FlytLab L!FT Dry Herb Vaporizer
LiFT Ceramic Chamber / Photo Credit

Many dry herb vaporizers now include three in one chambers that provide a range of temperatures as well to customize the the experience. For now about 18% of the patient population uses vaporizers with a lower percentage of patients favoring herb vaporizers.

However, in many states patients are still actively purchasing plenty of flower at their local dispensaries because of the differences in cost. Flower tends to be less costly than concentrates in many states. This ability to compromise and simultaneously appeal to the recreational market is the unique niche that requires fulfilling. At the apex of this is the emergence of the L!FT by FlytLab.     

For many people there is both a passion for cannabis as well as a medical need, so the unique blend of taste, discretion, and ease of dosing is a fine balance that vaporizing really appeals to. The device itself is fairly lightweight, but still noticeable in your hands. The L!FT charged fairly quickly and was ready to go within a couple of hours.

This vaporizer uses a series of “clicks” to operate. Three clicks to turn the device on (to reduce accidental activation I would assume after noticing how much it bounced around in my bag or purse over the days) and then an additional click to indicate the temperature range. The ranges are displayed in a low, medium, high order as a series of colored lights. When the right color pops up, click once to select that temperature range, and the device will begin to heat up.

Once you have chosen your preferred temperature setting, the vaporizer takes less than 60 seconds to reach the temper range, allowing for quick and simplified vape sessions. While it’s warming the device blinks a steady, red light. And when it reaches the right temperature it change to a solid white light instead. The L!FT also utilizes a magnetized chamber for your ganja with a cover that enables the mouth piece to be smoothly extended or closed inside for a more discreet vape.  

The L!FT vaporizer also features a modern, coil infused ceramic heating chamber that supports a good amount of herbs - so you don't have to repack the vape multiple times in one session and is powered by a signature smart heating system. Happily, this is great for saving both time and mess in between uses.

FlytLab L!FT Dry Herb Vaporizer
The LiFT kit from FYLTLAB with accessories and merch

Another really stand out feature of the L!FT is the magnetic top I mentioned above. The top piece does screw on to the main device, however the cylinder mouthpiece is attached the a magnet. This allows for a couple of really special tricks that the L!FT boasts.

The mouthpiece doubles as a packing tool, so as your session progresses you can pop the mouthpiece down to pack the chamber below. This also is incredibly useful for maintaining the lifetime of your vape.

I’m pretty sure I should have broken like a baker's dozen worth of these little guys over the week with how it was tossed around and bullied in my purse. But at the first sign of distress the magnet lets the mouthpiece slide safely into the herb chamber and keeps it safe. It also adds a great deal to subtlety, since the L!FT doesn’t need to be disassembled for anything other than to clean or repack.

The only downfall of the L!FT that I could find was the physical heat that the device sometimes reaches. While I’m definitely not afraid of receiving any kind of injury from my experiences so far, the device can become uncomfortably warm in your hand after several consecutives uses, making it less ideal for sharing or long sessions.

It’s important to remember to avoid getting overheated, just turn off the device by clicking the button 3 times after every few hits to allow the chamber to cool. The quick reheat and heating times of the L!FT make this a smooth process that passes quickly every time.

Take Away

Overall the L!FT is a solid investment for the clean flower toker. The changes in this unique market that have helped to grow and evolve have all come together in FlytLab’s device, the sleek, lightweight body, the easy to use and safety focused features, and the high quality chamber that maximizes your buds in each hit while safely avoiding toxins.

The quick heat, multi-setting chamber is easy to clean and even sports it’s cleaning brush included to make the process even easier. The quick heating feature means simple, discrete hits, and the efficient, sleek design makes both transport and odor control simple and manageable for the user.