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Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vaporizer Review

Hamilton Devices continues to push the envelope of what’s cool in 510 thread cartridge vaping. Their vaporizer battery offerings have been expanding considerably since 2019 and now included a lot of unique batteries. In the 510 thread accepting vaporizer battery class, I’ve previously tried their TOMBSTONE vaporizer battery as well as their ILUMI vaporizer battery. I am excited to review their new Gold Bar vaporizer battery which Hamilton Devices sent over.

About Hamilton Devices

Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices is a well-known vaporizer supplier from Sacramento, California. They have been in business since 2018 and are particularly well known as a leading supplier of 510 thread cartridges and vaporizer batteries. In particular, they carry a lot of official CCELL gear as an authentic CCELL distributor - but they also carry other items and even provide branding and packaging services. Hamilton Devices prides itself on being able to provide discounts for large orders. Buyers can rest assured that all of their gear contains vetted technology such as high-quality circuit boards with multiple protections to prevent short circuits. That combined with an eye for mainstream aesthetics and design means that every Hamilton Devices device provides a powerful and reliable vaping experience.

Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vaporizer Reviews

Hamilton Devices
The Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vaporizer comes in a plastic display case the same way a real gold bar or gold coin might be kept. The sides of the display case feature the Hamilton Devices shark logo in gold coloring as well as the descriptive words: “Gold Bar Battery.” Inside the case, the Gold Bar Battery sits comfortably in a perfectly sized mold while a box containing the included micro USB charger does the same. Underneath the black molding, you’ll find the instructions sheet for the Gold Bar Battery.
Hamilton Devices
The Gold Bar Vape Battery comes with a 480mah battery and measures in at 2.73” tall by 0.91” wide by 1.15” deep. The gold vape is inhale activated and features Hamilton Devices’ airflow technology which allows for huge hits. The gold battery accepts 0.5ml and 1ml cartridges and puts out 3.2v-3.6v of power. Do note, the gold battery body does not feature any real gold, just a strong zinc alloy. After opening and inspecting the Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vaporizer, I plugged it in to charge. Less than an hour later, it was fully charged and I put in a nice live resin cartridge that I consider a gold medal winner that I’d been holding onto to try with this gold medal vaporizer. The first hit I took had me coughing like a champ - there’s no need to do double hits with this vape, but double hits are possible for those with stronger lungs than I have. I ended up finishing off the cartridge before I got through the Gold Bar Battery’s beefy 480mah of juice. This one is a keeper for its use and its looks.
Hamilton Devices
I really like that Hamilton Devices engraved 999.9 and a “NET WT” of 1000 grams just like a real gold bar would have - it adds to the luxurious look and feel. While using the Gold Bar Battery to vape, I found myself continually running my fingers up and down the engravings the way someone might toy with a fidget spinner. Overall rating:
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
The Hamilton Devices Gold Bar Vaporizer battery is, at its core, a great device that I can recommend to both longtime and newbie users. On the outside, its brilliant luster and uncanny resemblance to a real gold bar makes this vaporizer a great talking point and excellent gift to any vape user. The Gold Bar Battery will take any 0.5ml or 1ml 510 thread cartridge and provide powerful, inhale activated hits every time. What’s more, it’s a great conversation starter and just looks nice whether it’s in your hand, on your dresser, or in your bag. Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from Hamilton Devices! *maximum amount purchase is $150.00