Hamilton Devices ILUMI Vaporizer Reviews

Hamilton Devices

Hamilton Devices ILUMI Vaporizer Reviews

I’ve previously tried the ergonomic design of their TOMBSTONE vaporizer battery and was excited to try out the ILUMI vaporizer battery in Blue which Hamilton Devices sent over.

About Hamilton Devices 

Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices are a proud purveyor of CCELL’s revolutionary ceramic cell technology-based in Sacramento, California. Since 2018, Hamilton Devices has been a leading supplier of 510 threaded vaporizer batteries, 510 threaded vaporizer cartridges, disposable cartridges in the same form factor, and even packaging for the whole lot. All of their gear is official and optimized to give you the best vaping experience. Hamilton Devices has been expanding its vaporizer offerings with unique batteries for the last few years.

Hamilton Devises ILUMI Battery

The Hamilton Devices ILUMI battery comes in a compact white box which accentuates the well thought out design of the device within. Once you open up the box, you’ll notice the ILUMI tucked inside a white foam insert and a small rectangular box with accessories to its right. The ILUMI vaporizer comes with a micro USB charging cable and does not come with a 510 threaded cartridge. Besides Blue, the ILUMI battery is available in Purple, Neon Green, and Pink - and all of the colors are of the see-through variety. The battery can fit both 0.5ml and 1ml cartridges from CCELL or from other brands. However, Hamilton Devices notes that there are a few CCELL cartridge mouthpieces that are too large to fit within the ILUMI’s completely covered cartridge chamber for the 1ml cartridge size. These two mouthpieces are the Chrome Flat mouthpiece and the Chrome Fluted mouthpiece. The ILUMI’s cartridge chamber features a patented vacuum chamber and carb hole which allows the 650mah battery to truly shine. The battery hits between 3.2v and 4.2v and the entire ILUMI vaporizer measures in at 34mm x 18.2mm x 79.6mm, which is roughly 1.34 in x 0.72 in x 3.134 in. The ILUMI fits perfectly in the average hand and features Hamilton Devices’ treasured buttonless, inhale activated technology.

Hamilton Devices ILUMI Reviews

Hamilton Devices ILUMI Vaporizer
To open the ILUMI, simply push up on the right side of the device where the cartridge chamber is with a little bit of pressure and the cartridge chamber will open up. I used a 510 threaded cartridge with a small mouthpiece and filled with vape juice. The cartridge I used had a mouthpiece that was slightly longer than normal but it still fit perfectly within the ILUMI. As I put the ILUMI to my mouth to hit it. The draw was powerful and I was able to get a strong hit and noticeable cloud without reaching the ten-second draw limit. There are no double hits needed here, though for the sake of science I did check and I was able to do a double hit with the ILUMI. When you pull on the ILUMI to activate your cartridge of choice, the entire device lights up giving you a futuristic look. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to hold the device in a way that allows others to see the beautiful glow, or if you want to cover the device entirely and be a little more incognito.
Hamilton Devices ILUMI Vaporizer
One thing I liked about the ILUMI was that it is on the larger end for a compact vaporizer battery, but it isn’t too large. If I want to conceal it, I need to hold it parallel to my fingers instead of holding it perpendicular to my fingers in a fist. My hands are on the smaller size, so it’s entirely possible for larger handed people to hide the device while holding it “normally.” The 650mah battery has more capacity than a lot of compact vaporizer batteries on the market and was enough to last me two full days of use. While moving the ILUMI around with one hand to find the best and most natural position for it, I accidentally dropped the ILUMI battery on the pavement. I have done this before with many other vaporizers and ended up with busted batteries and broken cartridges. With the ILUMI, though, I was able to pick it up and keep on vaping. It can never be overstated how great it is to have the cartridge completely covered and protected. I really expect this to become a new standard in the industry and deeply appreciate companies like Hamilton Devices are leading the change. Overall rating:
  • Taste: 4.9/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.8/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 4.9/5
The Hamilton Devices ILUMI vaporizer battery is a great device for both beginner users and pro users. It will take just about any 510 threaded cartridges, protect it within its ergonomic and compact design, and provide noticeably more powerful hits. It’ll be hard to find a similarly sized device that packs a punch this hard, unless you’re looking at other items from Hamilton Device’s lines, that is. Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF* your entire order from Hamilton Devices!
*maximum amount purchase is $150.00