Hamilton Devices Review | CCell Silo Battery and CCell Palm Battery


Hamilton Devices Review

Born out of a desire to create the perfect vaporizer, CCell is a company that aimed to develop a superior alternative to the traditional wick coils used in oil cartridges. CCell’s main gripe with wick-based oil cartridges is the potential for uneven heat distribution, which could lead to a burnt taste, tarnishing the vaporizing experience. After years of trial and error, CCell finally released their ceramic-based oil cartridges along with two batteries that perfectly compliment them: the CCell Silo Battery and CCell Palm Battery. For this review, we will be specifically be taking a look at the CCell Silo Battery and CCell Palm Battery and how they do indeed help create a great vaporizing experience regardless of the style of cartridge installed in the device.
These two vaporizers have physical differences that are indeed obvious but have similarities that need a little bit of digging to uncover. While the CCell Silo Battery has the more ergonomic shape of the two, it is a step down in capacity and power compared to the broader CCell Palm Battery (500mAh vs 550mAh). Some key similarities shared between the devices are buttonless inhaled-activated draws, magnetic connectors with universal 510 threading, housing made out of aluminum alloy, and extra-long battery life. The CCell Silo Battery and CCell Palm Battery can be found at Hamilton Devices’ web store, along with more from CCell and other top-notch vaporizer manufacturers, at competitive prices. 

Hamilton Devices Company Profile

Hamilton Devices is a convenient retail web store and wholesale supplier of a variety of high-quality vaporization products. The wide range of products offered on Hamilton Devices’ website includes batteries, cartridges, one-time-use products, tools for consumer and manufacturer use, vaporizers, and kits. Every item for sale has an informative description detailing what the product is capable of, and any additional questions can be directed to the company’s friendly customer service division via email or phone. The ample amount of knowledge and experience found among Hamilton Devices’ staff has allowed the company to be one of the largest authorized dealer of CCell products in the USA, a fact that’s proudly stated on their website.
In fact, I personally found the description of what CCell ceramic cartridge technology is and how it works to be much more informative on Hamilton Devices’ website than on CCell’s own website. From my perspective, when the supplier offers a superior description of a certain device than the device’s manufacturer itself, it really reveals just how informed and passionate about the products the supplier’s staff is, which is great news for every potential customer. Hamilton Devices displays this exact high level of passion and interest in the products they sell, meaning visitors will never be lost on what they’re looking for and guaranteeing that all customers will make informed purchases. Visit Hamilton Devices today.

CCell Silo Battery Review

Arriving in a package that is compact enough to fit in most people’s hands, the Silo Battery by CCell is convenient in more than just its size, shape and weight, it’s convenient to pretty much any way you look at it.
To start, the Silo’s complete package includes everything needed to operate the battery: Two magnetic connectors with 510 threading, a micro USB charger, and an extremely simple and concise instruction manual.
The manual suggests that the Silo is used with an official CCell cartridge but the device will work perfectly fine with any .5 or 1ml oil cartridge with 510 threading. After charging the Silo for a little less than an hour, I took one of the magnetic connectors and attached it to my 1ml cartridge of CBD oil and snapped it onto the Silo.
The cartridge connects to the Silo Battery with a satisfying click, a sound that signals that the device is primed and ready to go. The flawless aluminum alloy casing and buttonless design of the Silo give the device a sharp, clean look, but taking draws from it is where the Silo really shines. The CCell Silo Battery is inhale-activated, requiring that the user only lifts it up and takes a draw. I found that the Silo’s preset heating level is perfect for vaporizing CBD oil, and the device makes it easy to take large or small draws with equally-mild temperature intensity. The compact size, convenient shape, buttonless design, and perfect temperature setting make the CCell Silo Battery a great device that is as affordable as it is well-built. Look: 4.8/5 Build Quality: 4.8/5 Ease of Use: 4.8/5 Effectiveness: 4.8/5 Overall Score: 4.8/5

CCell Palm Battery Review 

I like to think of the CCell Palm Battery as the Silo’s big brother since the Palm is slightly larger in size and a bit better in battery performance than its counterpart.
The shape of the Palm is the most telling difference between it and the Silo, being wider, flatter, and more rectangular than its sleeker little brother. The larger body of the Palm, which is also made of aluminum alloy, houses a larger battery than the Silo, being 550mAh compared to the Silo’s 500mAh. The difference in battery capacity and power may only seem slight on paper, but it really makes a difference in vapor production. Just as virtually every big brother is guilty of doing, the Palm can totally outmatch the Silo when it comes to a contest; The Palm is the clear winner when it comes to which device produces the bigger, thicker clouds. The complete CCell Palm Battery package includes The Palm Battery, a micro USB charging cable, two magnetic connectors, and an instruction manual.
The Palm may have its share of differences from the Silo but there are many similarities as well. Charging the Palm takes the same amount of time as the Silo despite the more powerful battery, and the buttonless design makes taking draws just as easy: Screw the magnetic connector onto the cartridge, snap it onto the battery and inhale away.
The battery life of both of these devices is phenomenal, lasting for nearly a week after only one charge from my regular use. The CCell Palm is a great device for those who wish to get just a little bit more out of their oil vaporization experience without taking any more out of their wallet. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 5/5 Ease of Use: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Overall Score: 5/5 Try these and other affordable products from Hamilton Devices today! Use code “SLYNGCCELL” for an awesome 10% OFF* your entire order from Hamilton Devices!
*maximum amount purchase is $150.00