Hamilton Devices THE SHIV Vaporizer | Review

Hamilton Devices THE SHIV

Hamilton Devices is an authentic CCELL distributor and vaporizer industry leader with many hits in the industry. Check out our review of THE SHIV, which is clearly a vaporizer to be reckoned with.

About Hamilton Devices

Hamilton Devices hails from Sacramento, California, and has been taking the industry by storm since 2018. The company has built a name for itself as an authentic CCELL distributor and a leading supplier of both vaporizer cartridges and batteries (which come with multiple circuit protections and high-quality circuit boards as a default). Even if it’s wholesale, branding, or packaging that you’re looking for⁠—Hamilton Devices has got you covered.

I’ve previously reviewed several Hamilton Devices vaporizer batteries including THE ILUMI, THE TOMBSTONE, and more. This time around, Hamilton Devices sent over THE SHIV in the jet black color. 

I was excited to see if this new Hamilton Devices vape batt would live up to its name.

Hamilton Devices THE SHIV Review

Hamilton Devices THE SHIV in box
Hamilton Devices THE SHIV

THE SHIV is Hamilton Devices’ first variable voltage vaporizer for 510 threaded cartridges in both 0.5ml and 1ml sizes. It comes in a black box with the logo emblazoned on the side and a QR code on the back. Once you get it into the light, you’ll notice the black-on-black lettering shows an outline of the vaporizer body. 

“THE SHIV” is written in a font you might spot on a prison tat⁠—I see what Hamilton Devices did there.

The vape comes with a 900mah battery and a spring-powered thumb-slide that gives the vaporizer its iconic name. It also includes a USB-C charging cable. 

THE SHIV features circuit boards with short-circuit protection, over-heat protection, over-time protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, and even low voltage protection. 

All in all, the product weighs in at 6 ounces and measures around 1.76” x 0.79” x 3.24”.

First Impressions of THE SHIV by Hamilton Devices

Hamilton Devices THE SHIV

I pushed THE SHIV into its deployed position so I could screw in my cartridge, then pushed the fire button five times to turn it on. I did a quick visual check to see if the resistance on the cartridge (>1 Ohm) and the voltage (started at 3.0V) was OK⁠—and then I ripped away. 

The screen also shows the battery life, the voltage, and even a pull counter.

I used the voltage control buttons to bring the voltage up to 3.7V, which is the high end of Hamilton Devices’ suggested voltage for 510 cartridges. It was a much more powerful hit.

To ensure that the voltage wouldn’t get changed accidentally, I went ahead and pressed both voltage control buttons at the same time to lock it at that setting.

I “pushed” the cartridge back down to a satisfying click sound and was pleasantly surprised by how far the cartridge went into its designated chamber. I found the longest 510 cartridge that I had⁠—it still fit perfectly inside and deployed and retracted flawlessly. 

The things I like most about THE SHIV⁠—besides the obvious variable voltage and switchblade tech⁠—are the weight and feel of the device and the size of the firing button. When the cartridge is retracted, you really can’t see anything. It looks more like a new-age backup battery pack⁠—a testament to its discreetness.

If you ever push THE SHIV’s cartridge out and it doesn’t lock into place because something blocked it⁠—fear not. All you have to do is turn THE SHIV over and let gravity bring the cartridge out. 

Once it is out but still unlocked, you’ll be able to pull the whole mechanism back into its locked position.

The Verdict

Taste: 5/5
Ease of use:
Overall score:

Hamilton Devices has done it again with THE SHIV. This vaporizer is great for new users and old-timers alike. It offers a solid, functional package that is powerful but discreet. 

Everyone should have a vaporizer with variable voltage control and all of the bells and whistles that THE SHIV offers. It allows you to do so much more and have a lot more control over your vape experience.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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