Hemplitude D8 THC Vapes in Bubba Kush & Green Crack | Review

Hemplitude D8 Vapes in Bubba Kush and Green Crack

Hemplitude is an American hemp company with an attitude⁠—and a new line of D8 THC vapes in different flavors. Check out our review of Hemplitude’s Green Crack and Bubba Kush D8 strain profiles to see if they’re the D8 vapes for you.

About Hemplitude 

Hemplitude is a 2018 Farm Bill-compliant CBD company that provides “hemp with an attitude⁠”— hence the name. Its products are made with hemp grown in the United States⁠, in either Colorado or Oregon. 

All of its products are lab-tested and results are readily available to verify online. 

Hemplitude offers a wide range of full-spectrum products, including an item I’ve never seen: Hemp Dried Fruits. Its latest addition to this growing selection is a Delta-8 (D8) THC line of cartridges and disposables. 

Each D8 cart is formulated with a special blend to approximate a specific strain. And since the extraction process uses the full cannabis plant, there are real terpenes in there.

For this review, Hemplitude sent over its Bubba Kush D8 vape cartridge and Green Crack D8 disposable vape⁠—one Indica and one Sativa. 

I was eager to see how disparate the two highs could actually get.

Hemplitude Green Crack D8 THC Disposable Vape Review

The Hemplitude D8 THC Disposable Vape in Green Crack comes in a plastic package with a green insert. It contains .5ml of Hemplitude’s hemp-derived D8 extract, and the vape itself is made by iKrusher.

First Impressions of the D8 Disposable Vape in Green Crack

I pulled and tried to get to a blinker, but I did not make it. The taste was sharp and had a tinge of funky, acrid skunk. Green Crack or Green Cush, whatever you want to call it⁠, is a well-known strain that many have heard of thanks to Snoop Dogg⁠—who was also the one who named it.

I don’t know what non-green crack feels like, but Hemplitude’s D8 Green Crack definitely hits in the head more than the body for me. I became engrossed in an internet rabbit hole⁠—my mind had the ability to focus and seemed to never tire.

I adore this kind of high for the daytime.

The Verdict

I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with disposable, inhale-activated vapes over my decade-long history with vaping. What usually happens is that reclaim builds up in the air hole, causing it to clog. Ever had to pull on a vape cartridge really hard before hearing or feeling a pop that lets you know you finally opened up the air passage? That won’t happen when you’re using Hemplitude’s disposables.

The diameter of the hole is twice⁠—if not thrice⁠—the size of standard cartridges. I was able to get through the entire disposable without getting “stuck.” This is a game-changer as far as I’m concerned. A good disposable vape sets the user up for success: actually being able to finish all the extract before some part of the vape craps out is important, and Hemplitude makes it happen.

Taste: 4.7/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 4.9/5

Hemplitude Bubba Kush D8 THC Vape Cartridge Review

The Hemplitude Bubba Kush D8 THC Vape Cartridge comes in the same plastic packaging and contains 1ml of Hemplitude’s D8 distillate. All in all, the cartridge features 93% D8 THC but less than 0.3% D9 THC. This makes it perfectly compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

First Impressions of the D8 Vape Cartridge in Bubba Kush

I screwed the 510 threaded cartridge into my vape and took a 10-second blinker straight to the face to see what was up. The inhale was very smooth and so was the exhale. Both tasted faintly of that classic musky and earthy dank taste that lets me know I’m vaporizing terps and cannabinoids. 

After coughing, the taste remains in the back of the throat, in case you end up so high you forgot what flavor you just vaped.

While Hemplitude has labeled its Bubba Kush as an Indica, let’s not forget that most hemp cannabis is technically Cannabis Sativa. I know there are classic Indica terpenes inside this vape cartridge and I can feel them⁠—but at the end of the day, this is not going to put you on the couch as D9 Bubba Kush might. 

To me, that’s still an enjoyable Bubba Kush high. It’s kind of like my body gets thrown into low gear and all of a sudden there’s downforce being generated that almost anchors me in place⁠—but at any point, I can weigh anchor and move to another couch.

As always, when I smoke, vape, eat, or drink Bubba Kush, I have to put on the song
“Bubba Kush” by Dumbfoundead. I said that bubba bubba⁠—that bubba bubba, kush kush. 

The Verdict

It’s a great strain, and Hemplitude did it justice.

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5

Hemplitude offers hemp-derived D8 extract in a variety of flavors, and each one that I’ve tried thus far has been a hit. The Green Crack hits like a whip crack and Bubba Kush hits more like a bulldozer. 

Whatever kind of THC high you’re looking for, Hemplitude likely has a flavor for you⁠—so give them a try.

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