Hemplitude Green Crack and Pineapple Express Gummies Review

Hemplitude Green Crack and Pineapple Express Gummies

Hemplitude is one of the hemp companies using real cannabis-derived terpenes in their D8 products. Check out our review of the Hemplitude Green Crack and Pineapple Express gummies to see if they’re the D8 products you’ve been waiting for.

Hemplitude Company Info

Hemplitude is “hemp with an attitude.” That attitude is simple: provide quality products and don’t apologize for it. All of these products are lab tested with results available online.  Hemplitude’s latest addition to this growing selection of tested products is a Delta-8 (D8) THC line of edibles. 

Each bag of D8 gummies by Hemplitude is formulated with a special blend of terpenes derived from full cannabis plants to approximate a specific strain.

Hemplitude has such confidence in their product that they will offer you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. That is a winning attitude.

I’ve previously gotten to try Hemplitude’s Pineapple Express and Green Crack D8 vapes so I am no stranger to Hemplitude’s cracks at these flavors. For this review, Hemplitude sent over their Green Crack and Pineapple Express gummies with Delta 8. I was excited, to say the least.

Hemplitude Pineapple Express Gummies Review

Hemplitude’s D8 Pineapple Express Gummies come in a yellow and black bag that features a gnarly pineapple skull logo on the front. Inside the bag are six gummies. Each gummy has 25mg of D8 and 5mg of full-spectrum CBD.

The combination of cannabinoids in these Hemplitude gummies is serious. I want to start off to say that more inexperienced users should absolutely start with half, or even a quarter of a gummy to begin with. I decided to eat an entire gummy to see what the standard dose tastes like.

The taste was explosive! I really enjoy the almost sour, always sharp tang of pineapple flavoring and Hemplitude used the right amount.

The texture of the gummy was wonderful, giving me the option to chew or just let it dissolve in my mouth. You can taste cannabinoids, and that is a good sign to me.

An hour or so later, I began feeling the classic edible high. My eyes drooped and my forehead felt heavy like it was scrunching up to become a three-head or something. It’s like a train ride to euphoria, and it isn’t the kind of train ride that is bumpy and jarring.

The whole 30mg experience left me zooted until I fell asleep. I slept like a thoroughly tuckered child and if it were possible, I would have been carried to bed and not noticed a thing.

Hemplitude Green Crack Gummies Review

Hemplitude’s Green Crack gummies come in the same bag, but featuring green instead of yellow and an all-seeing eye in the center of a cannabis leaf instead of a decked-out skull. I can’t help but be influenced by these wonderful graphic designs.

I’ve never had Green Crack gummies before, but I’ll always remember my first ones now thanks to Hemplitude’s team. I took a whole gummy just like with the Pineapple Express gummies and was expecting a very similar experience. I did not receive that, and I’m pretty happy about it.

Green Crack is a favorite strain of mine. Some people call it cush, but it does have a very obvious name that has taken hold, and rumor has it that “green crack” was so named by Snoop Dogg himself.

I don’t know what crack feels like, but I do know what Green Crack feels like. The onset was slow and very gradual. I felt a growing well of energy and significantly less of that droopy eye feeling even though I felt just as much of the floaty body feeling.

Edible highs sometimes get a bad rep because people take too much, or aren’t prepared for a several-hour high. These Green Crack gummies do provide that experience. However, it’s easy for me to imagine enjoying this high by only eating a fourth of the gummy.

In fact, next time I need to go to a social event - I might do just that. These gummies are perfect for me to use as a social lubricant in lieu of dangerous alcohol or other drugs.

Hemplitude Green Crack and Pineapple Express Gummies Review Results

Hemplitude’s D8 gummies feature cannabis-derived terpenes and also their potent in-house blend of D8 THC and full-spectrum CBD. The edibles feel just like D9 edibles and the strains are well-chosen, in my opinion.

In terms of mouthfeel and taste, the gummies are well above average and not something you just need to swallow as quickly as possible. Medicine can be tasty!

Try it today. Use code “HEMP20” for an amazing 20% OFF your entire order from Hemplitude!