Hemplitude Pineapple Express and Purple Prim8 Vape Review

Hemplitude Pineapple Express and Purple Prim8 Vapes

Hemplitude is an American hemp company with a new line of disposable Delta 8 THC vapes in different flavors. Check out our Hemplitude Pineapple Express and Purple Prim8 vape review to see if they’re the D8 THC vapes you’ve been waiting for.

About Hemplitude 

Hemplitude is a 2018 Farm Act-compliant hemp company that provides “hemp with an attitude⁠”— as the name suggests. All of their products are made with US-grown hemp from either Colorado or Oregon. 

Additionally, all Hemplitude products are lab-tested and results are readily available online.  Hemplitude’s latest addition to this growing selection of tested products is a Delta-8 (D8) THC line of cartridges and disposables. 

Each D8 vape by Hemplitude is formulated with a special blend of terpenes derived from full cannabis plants to approximate a specific strain.

I’ve previously gotten to try Hemplitude’s Bubba Kush and Green Crack D8 vapes. For this review, the company sent over a Hemplitude Pineapple Express and Purple Prim8 vape⁠ to review—one Indica and one Hybrid. Based on my previous good experience, I was excited to enjoy them.

Hemplitude Pineapple Express D8 Vape Review

Hemplitude’s D8 Pineapple Express vape pen comes in a branded yellow and black box with a viewing window. The vape itself comes with a plastic mouthpiece cover which helps avoid leakage.

Hemplitude’s disposables are sleek-looking and very thin which makes them easy to throw into my pocket when I'm on the go.

While the disposable vape was a little too long to completely hide with my hand, I’ve come to realize that such incognito activities aren’t necessarily necessary anymore. It all depends on where you live, I guess.

To hit the vape, one simply has to inhale as it is pull-activated. I was struck by the lightly tangy bite of flavor from the terps in the D8 distillate mix.

The combination of real terpenes and efficacious distillate had me regularly puffing away. I liked the taste, and, a few moments after, I enjoyed the feels.

I always go back to train references when I write about the Pineapple Express strain. At the end of the day, any D8 product will make you feel like you’re on a train.

It’s a pleasant feeling and, to me, it highlights how a D8 high (train ride) is different than a D9 high (a straight-up roller coaster). There’s no chance of whiplash when you hit this Pineapple Express vape pen - just medicinal quality relaxation.

Hitting this vape will take you on a train ride from within the Prohibition to an area out of it, if only in your mind.

Hemplitude Purple Prim8 D8 Vape Review

Hemplitude’s Purple Prim8 D8 vape pen comes in a light pinkish-purple and black box with a viewing window. Like Hemplitude’s other D8 disposable vape pens, the Purple Prim8 comes with 0.5ml of Hemplitude’s D8 distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes.

This combination is just as effective as all the other flavors and strains that I’ve tried. Of course, I want to shout out the Purple Prim8 name - which is a great name for a D8 product for obvious reasons.

One thing that bears mentioning about Hemplitude’s disposable vapes is that they aren’t the useless type of disposable that I hate on the market. These ones have a micro USB port for you to add more charge, so you’re able to finish all the THC juice.

Countless times, I’ve finished the battery on a disposable vape while there was still precious distillate for me to dispose of via vaping. Good on Hemplitude for addressing that.

The Purple Prim8 strain is definitely indica-leaning in feel. With so many different cannabinoids and terpenes present in this distillate, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how the entourage effect is different between strains.

This is a good problem to have and it showcases that every Hemplitude disposable D8 vape is baseline powerful, and the strain formulations provide nuance on top of that.

When I am on a purp strain, I feel a little grandiose. I definitely feel slower but in a more calculating way. Nothing beats the feeling of being high and feeling vindicated. I don’t know why, but that’s how I felt on this high. I guess you could say my inner prim8 came out.

Hemplitude Pineapple Express and Purple Prim8 Vape Review Results

Hemplitude’s D8 disposable vape pens feature cannabis-derived terpenes and also cannabis-derived distillates. This results in a powerful vape no matter the flavor.

The Pineapple Express will take you for a ride, and the Purple Prim8 will put hair on your chest. As always, Hemplitude has your back with their D8 THC products.

They’re worth trying out so what are you waiting for? Use code “HEMP20” for an amazing 20% OFF your entire order from Hemplitude!