Hemplitude Trainwreck & Wedding Cake Carts Review

Hemplitude Delta 8 Trainwreck & Wedding Cake Vape THC Vape Cartridge

Hemplitude is based in the United States with a strong line of Delta 8 THC carts. These full-spectrum hemp extracts come in a variety of different terpene-enriched flavors and strains. Check out our review of these Hemplitude Trainwreck & Wedding Cake carts to see how they measure up.

Hemplitude Company Info

Tampa, FL-based Hemplitude proudly offers  “Hemp with an Attitude⁠”, a wide range of lab-tested full-spectrum products made with hemp grown in Colorado or Oregon. These D8 vapes are available as both 510 threaded cartridges and disposable pens with battery kits.

Each of their D8 THC carts is formulated with a special blend of terpenes to approximate a specific strain. These full-spectrum cannabinoid extracts are taken from a real cannabis plant, allowing the terpenes, cannabanoids, and omegas to produce an impressive entourage effect.

I’ve previously been able to review Hemplitude’s Bubba Kush D8 Green Crack D8 vapes. This time, they sent over their Trainwreck and Wedding Cake strain profiles. Here’s my take on these hybrid flavors.

Hemplitude Trainwreck Delta 8 Cart

Trainwreck D8 THC Vape Packaging

Hemplitude’s Trainwreck D8 vape cart comes in a red and black box featuring a Thomas-inspired train with very red eyes. According to the package, this is Hemplitude’s most potent in-house blend., containing 50mg of full-spectrum CBD and 93% Delta 8 THC distillate.

Trainwreck (or T-Rex) is one of my top-ten favorites, meaning any of its ilk is a must-try. Whenever I get the chance to write an ode to the Trainwreck strain, I will. It's obvious Hemplitude doesn’t just throw darts at a wall to come up with their strain names. Instead, they’re setting up your body to feel the real thing.

Hemplitude Trainwreck D8 Cart User Review

The terpenes and true cannabis taste come through from the full spectrum cannabinoid extracts in this Trainwreck vape. There are no tutti-fruity flavors here. Instead, it’s a little bit of gas and earth.

There's also that desirable plant taste that stands on the opposite end of the spectrum as lawn clippings. Hemplitude's Trainwreck cart also has a throat feel that will get you coughing if you take too long of a hit. You can bet on that.

We all know that D8 doesn’t feel exactly like D9 in terms of peaks. However, the peak is but one part of a strain profile. Trainwreck hits as a hybrid should. Prepare to be a bit giggly and have a slight case of the munchies, There's also a pleasant stuck feeling, without the hardcore couch lock or falling asleep.

Hemplitude Wedding Cake D8 Vape Cart

Wedding Cake THC Cart Package

On its blue and black box, Hemplitude’s Wedding Cake D8 vape cart features a cartoon cake with a blue-green, possibly cannabis-infused frosting. Inside the cartridge, the potent blend of full-spectrum CBD and Delta 8 THC awaits.

Hemplitude Wedding Cake D8 Cart Review

I took a blinker on this cart to start with as I often do… it hits. I’ve seen other reviewers refer to these new dessert strains as doughy or creamy and I could see those terms being used to describe this vape. However, I like calling it cakey.

The initial taste is but 1% of the experience when it comes to a vape cart. On the exhale, Hemplitude's Wedding Cake was extra cakey. While the flavor doesn’t compare with the Trainwreck D8 vape, it does smack.

Something about the cake though gives me a more tired feeling. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect, but it's something I notice with the indica-leaning dessert strains. I recommend this cart for nighttime or end of the day use, unless it’s the weekend.

Hemplitude Trainwreck & Wedding Cake D8 Carts Final Rating

Hemplitude has delicious flavors for their edibles and their vapes. They are able to achieve this by using full-spectrum cannabis extracts and really offering their customers full access to the entourage effect.

These strain-specific D8 THC vapes show how much they care about offering quality products. Most brands don’t bother posting test results to their site or attaching a strain to their edibles. The fact that Hemplitude does and puts so much focus on their customers' experience makes me an ardent supporter.

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