HempMy Pet 2mg Hemp Infused Dog Biscuits Review


Company Overview

HempMy Pet is an animal health and wellness company dedicated to providing safe, organic, and sustainable Hemp products for animals. HempMy Pet is a strong advocate of animal rights and donates products to animal rescues and sanctuaries so that Hemp can be used to help heal the mental and physical trauma experienced by rescued animals and to provide a beneficial complement to their training and behavioral work.

HEMPMy Pet is committed to sustainable and organic farming practices and bringing awareness to the importance of growing Hemp organically. They are active advocates for Hemp as alternative medicine and their work in the industry and encouraging consumers to educate themselves is directly tied to moving the industry in a positive direction. HempMy Pet believes that all people and animals should have access to this plant and all other beneficial plants and alternative medicines in order to support their health and well-being for generations to come.

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Today I will review their Pumpkin Harvest Organic Dog Biscuits.

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HempMy Pet 2mg Hemp Infused Dog Biscuits

HempMy pet

Having reviewed products in the past, I have always been the one to take the products and test them out, to give the world my unbiased opinion as to whether the product is worth trying and the effects I feel about raising awareness about the brand and product. Today, however, I will be reviewing a product based on observation. To help me with my review, I will be recruiting my dog, Luna, a wonderful 60 lbs German Shepherd.

Luna is a shelter dog, I got her less than a year ago at three years old. While she is a well-behaved dog for the most part, she is a very reactive dog, and she gets anxious around other dogs, some people (mostly males in their 40s-50s), and cats. I know nothing about her past, but I suspect she may have been abused at some point, as it took her a while to warm up to her new home. Now, she is a happy dog, even though she is still reactive. This is why I think she's a great candidate to try these treats, to see how she reacts to them and to see if it helps with her anxiety.

CBD has been linked to helping dogs and other animals for a while, with it providing just as much benefits for them as they do to humans. Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce anxiety-related behaviors in animals, such as fear and aggression. CBD may even be able to reduce physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a rapid heartbeat and excessive panting. CBD is also believed to help reduce inflammation, which is often associated with anxiety. As with humans, CBD appears to be safe and well-tolerated by animals.

Now lets get into the review. HempMy Pet has been a name that a lot of pet owners know due to their success with their products and the fact they give back to the community and help those animals in need. The treats come in a standard doggy treat bag, and the front has all the information you need to know prior to giving it to your pet.

Some of this info includes the dosage info, the flavor of the biscuits, and all the ingredients. The ingredients are GMO-Free, organic, and third-party tested, which makes it 100% safe for use. The treats come with 2mg of CBD, and they are pumpkin flavored. I started Luna off with one and just played with her and watched how the effects started kicking in.

I played with her for about 20 minutes and then decided to take her on a walk to see how she does with her normal triggers (strangers, other dogs). I noticed that she was a bit more mellow to take a walk like she didn't really jump up and get overly excited when she saw the leash, she just kind of walked up and let me leash her.

We didn't see other dogs on the walk, so I can't say for sure it helps her anxiety, but I did notice she was more relaxed and mellow. The effects kicked in after about an hour or so.

When we got back home, she went right to her favorite spot and basked in the sun until she fell asleep, which is sort of uncommon for midday. It's safe to say the effects did kick in but they didn't overwhelm her or slump her, just calmed her down a bit.

After about 3-4 hours, I noticed she was back to her old self so I say the effects last a few hours.

The next day, I decided to really test the treats, giving her one treat before taking her out on a drive, another thing she gets anxious about. She fell asleep the whole time! Which is another uncommon habit she picked up while trying these treats.

HempMy Pet 2mg Hemp Infused Dog Biscuits Review - Conclusion

Overall, HempMy Pets was a huge success for my pup, helping her relax and ease her anxiety, which is something I've been trying to find a solution for. I'm glad I was able to find it in a tasty treat like this one.

I really think she enjoyed these HempMy Pet treats, and I would 100% order from them again. If you're convinced you want to try these amazing HempMy Pet treats, don't forget to use the coupon code!.