Higher Hemp Top Shelf CBD Flower Review

Higher Hemp Top Shelf CBD Flower Review

Higher Hemp is a California hemp company that has a wide range of products including good ol’ top shelf CBD flower. Check out our review of Higher Hemp’s rendition of Suver Haze to see if it’s the right hemp flower for you.

Higher Hemp Company Info

Higher Hemp operates from San Diego, CA. For the natives of San Diego, Higer Hemp offers same day delivery. For those who live elsewhere in the country, Higher Hemp provides 2-day delivery on all their products. If you spend more than $60, the shipping is free! If you ask me, that’s prime timing! Under the US Farm Act of 2018, they have legal hemp-derived products and their selection is immense. They have everything from top shelf CBD hemp flower, top shelf Delta 8 hemp flower, and a whole bunch of extracts and edibles to go along with it. 

One of the reasons Higher Hemp stands apart from other CBD companies is their sustainable packaging. The boxes are made from hemp plastic and the plastic wrapping isn’t actually plastic, but biodegradable biolefin. You can view the lab tests for all their products online.

For this review, they sent over a sample of their Suver Haze top shelf CBD flower. This hemp flower is a strain I’ve never had the privilege of trying so it was good to get some haze in my life. It is featured below!

Higher Hemp Top Shelf CBD Flower Review
Photo Credit: Higher Hemp

Higher Hemp Top Shelf CBD Flower Review

The Suver Haze came in a brown hemp plastic container box with a child proof opening mechanism. The Higher Hemp logo was emblazoned in green. Inside the hemp plastic was a quarter of Suver Haze hemp flower wrapped in biolefin. They were tightly packed together to fit, but kept their freshness.

The nugs resembled popcorn nugs and I enjoyed the uniformity of the colors. The cure was better than most and I’d call the flower surprisingly moist. I haven’t felt any stickier hemp flower. In the grinder, it was pleasantly kiefy and it smoked up well. There was barely a tickle in my throat and the taste on exhale was earthy and smooth. This is that resinous stuff that will clog up your grinder with goodness and your piece with resin over time. 

The smell didn’t quite have the acridity that I’m used to from that back-in-the-day haze, but it did have the nice floral tones and just enough of the “skunk dank stank” to bring me back. I really enjoyed the Suver Haze top shelf CBD flower grounded with THC-laden flower in a 1:1 ratio. Also, it was continually enjoyable later at night or in the morning. By itself, the effects for me were very calming in both body and mind. I say that a lot because at the end of the day, it’s the feeling I’m looking for. 

A little bit of history: Suver Haze was bred by none other than Oregon CBD. They took Suver #8 and crossed it with Early Resin Berry (or ERB) to bring about Suver Haze. This isn’t a legacy haze that had the THC bred out of it. It’s great to see this strain spread out of Oregon to other states and this top shelf CBD flower product to be available in so many more states.


Higher Hemp has California grown hemp flowers that are worth your time to try out. I think this is a great CBD flower strain by itself or for mixing. I personally enjoyed it for before sleep use and I think many others would as well. Do remember that every body’s endocannabinoid system is different so what works for me might not work for you. With that said, that means the only way to know how Higher Hemp’s Suver Haze will hit you is to buy some and try it yourself. Their fast shipping and sustainable packaging will keep you coming back for more.

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