Hitoki Trident Laser Bong Review


Hitoki Company Overview

Hitoki was founded with a mission to provide smokers with innovative products that improve their smoking experience. Hitoki quickly jumped on the scene with their innovative technology, including creating smoking pieces that heat without combustion, producing a smooth and flavorful vapor. 

Today I am going to review one of their newest and highest selling products, the Hitoki Trident. The Hitoki trident is a three-pronged bong made up of a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. What makes it stand out is the laser technology that heats the flower so you don’t need a lighter or a torch. As a bong aficionado, I’m really excited to try this out.

Hitoki Trident Review

The Hitoki Trident comes in this clean, little box, almost like unpacking an expensive box of scotch or whiskey. It comes in three pieces with the ceramic loading chamber, integrated water filter, and adjustable mouthpiece. It’s also pretty light, only weighing about 6-7 pounds and is about the size of a hydro flask.

It was really easy to put together, I charged it for about two hours when the light indicator told me it was charged. Before putting in the flower, I played around with it to adjust the settings and see how the laser works. It has three different modes, with red being the lowest setting for herbs, green being medium for denser blends, and blue being the highest setting for oils.

I prepared for this sesh the way I do with any other, got comfortable, put on some background music and got my favorite snacks to munch on afterward. I put my herb, made sure it was in the lowest setting and away I went.

The first hit was sooooo smooth. I couldn’t feel the burn at all until I let the milky, white vapor out and it filled up my entire room. It was crazy, just one puff and I hardly felt it. My second hit was much of the same, a crisp, smooth hit full of flavor. I couldn’t believe this little piece did all of that. By the third hit, I started to feel a buzz, which is quicker then most of my bongs.

I was so excited that I called my neighbor over to try his wax on the bong. We were blown away with how easy it was to transition. All I did was press the button twice and the settings perfectly heated up the concentrate and gave us flavorful hits. We had one of the best seshes of our lives thanks to the Hitoki Trident.

It’s such a trippy experience watching a laser heat up the herb before your eyes, smoking the way your great grandchildren will be smoking. Seriously, a huge part that makes smoking out of this so much fun.

It was also so easy to clean. Once I was done, all I did was take it apart and use Qtips and isopropyl alcohol to scrub off all the gunk. I did it in maybe 5 minutes and it was good to go for the next sesh.

Hitoki Trident Review Conclusion

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Hitoki Trident. Not only was it breathtaking to see the laser, but it also improved my hits, I could hardly tell I was taking them. I am blown away by the Trident and would highly recommend it to any smoker looking to improve their experience.

Hitoki combines innovation and convenience in the Trident and I promise once you try this, you won’t ever want to smoke out of anything else ever again. I can’t recommend it enough..

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