HR Supplements Nighttime Sleep Aid Capsules Review

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ABOUT HR Supplements 

HR Supplements is a Phoenix, Arizona-based manufacturer of dietary supplements that is currently taking the industry by storm. Their products are made to meet cGMP and other quality control procedure requirements. Additionally, third parties are contracted to test all finished products so that customers can rest assured of purity and quality.
HR Supplements
As an additional step to ensure purity and quality, HR Supplements uses Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to test all incoming raw materials destined to be encapsulated. The results of these analyses are available on HR Supplement’s Instant COA page. HR Supplements sent over their Nighttime Sleep Aid Capsules for review, I previously have had good waking experiences with their Ultimate Relaxation Blend Relax and Energize capsules and I was curious to see how effective their sleep aid capsules are.

HR Supplements Sleep Aid Capsules 

hr supplements
The Harvest Naturals Nighttime Sleep Aid Capsules came in a 120 count bottle. The branding label features a night’s sky with stars and clouds which complements the uniform capsules. The Sleep Aid capsule contains Glycine to help with serotonin and creatine production, L-Theanine to help with dopamine and serotonin levels, Baicalin Skullcap which contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids, as well as Oleomine and Melatonin which help to induce and regulate sleep. Together in the capsule, the sleep aid compound helps you remove anxiety and stress so you sleep sooner, deeper, and just better. When you sleep better, you have better cognition, a stronger immune system, better focus, and even better collagen function.

Harvest Naturals Sleep Aid Capsules Review

hr supplements
I took the sleep aids about 45 minutes before my planned bedtime. Within an hour, I was comfortably asleep which means I fell asleep quite quickly. I usually don’t fall asleep quickly and that deeply unless I’m physically exhausted from an entire day of exertion -- the kind of deep, restful sleep that finds you mentally refreshed the next morning. I was ecstatic to be able to get that level of recovery and sleep without having to punish my body.
hr supplements
One question that stayed in the back of my mind while I was testing HR Supplements capsules was whether the energy provided by the Energize capsules might cancel out the sleep aid provided by the Nighttime capsules. I took the sleep aid capsules on a night when I took Energizer capsules that day and also on a night when I didn’t take Energizer capsules and the sleep aid was equally efficacious both days. While I’ve found myself using CBD or CBN products for sleep aid purposes on the regular, I want to have non-cannabinoid sleep aids available to me in case I need to reset my tolerance or am traveling to a jurisdiction that isn’t cannabis-friendly. These sleep aid capsules are a great and cost-effective buy for that purpose and it’s worth noting that depending on your body type and tolerance, these capsules could very well be more effective than equivalently priced CBD or CBN solutions. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 HR Supplements offers pure, quality supplements that are made from tested raw ingredients that you can view test results on. Their Harvest Natural Nighttime Sleep Aid is no exception to that rule and is reliable and easy to take. It’s a great, drug-free way to get to sleep at night and best of all is not habit-forming like many popular sleep aids are. You deserve a good night’s rest, and HR Supplements can help you achieve it.