Humboldt Vape Tech | EZ Sai Kit Reviews


Humboldt Vape Tech- EZ Sai Kit Reviews

With the increased popularity of cannabis concentrates, it’s no wonder that a geographic region so steeped in cannabis culture is also the cradle from which leading cannabis consumption technology springs from. Just like I’m always excited to try cannabis from Humboldt County when Humboldt Vape Tech sent over their EZ Sai Kit for me to review, I was excited to try it out.

Humboldt Vape Tech Company Info

Humboldt Vape Tech, abbreviated as HVT, has been a leader in the cannabis concentrate atomizer and vaporizer industry since 2016. Their products are now renowned well outside of Humboldt County or even just California. Humboldt County is one of the three counties in northern California that make up the infamous Emerald Triangle, where historically much of America’s cannabis has been cultivated. In present times, a lot of cannabis production still takes place in the mountains among the redwoods, but there are also a lot of ancillary services and products that the area has become famous for.

A Closer Look at the EZ Sai Kit

The EZ Sai comes in a sleek, rectangular package that has the company’s name and logo emblazoned on the lid but nowhere else. When you open the packaging, the first thing you’ll notice is the EZ Sai Kit which is composed of two parts: The 22mm Sai atomizer and a 1050mah 510 battery that is USB chargeable. The top of the atomizer does not need to be screwed on or off and is instead secured by two O-rings. I find O-rings more than secure enough in comparison to a screwed shut design - and you have the added benefit of less chance of a mess causing stickiness. The mouthpiece is also secured by an O-ring. On the side of the atomizer is the iconic Humboldt Vape Tech logo featuring a redwood tree, the Humboldt county lines, and the letters HVT with a little wisp of vapor rising from the T. The modular coil feature in the Sai atomizer means the coil can be changed out for your preferred HVT Sai coil. HVT has coils with stainless steel, titanium, and kanthal wires as well as black ceramic, ceramic, and quartz tube mediums for the wires to wrap around. I personally like the Kanthal 4mm wire with quartz coil that came with my kit. The best part of the Sai atomizer, though, is the bottom - where the level of airflow is adjustable from anywhere from no holes to four holes.
The battery shows the three temperature settings (380 F, 420 F, and 460 F) and features a rectangular fire button and the micro USB charging port. At 1050mah capacity, the battery that comes with this kit is the perfect size to charge up for a day’s use while on the go without having to worry about it running out. If you find your power consumption rising beyond 1050mah, the Sai atomizer from the kit can simply be removed and put on top of any other 510 threaded box mod. Underneath the atomizer and battery and accompanying molded foam, there is a box that has a micro USB charging cable, two extra O-rings, and a dab tool. The atomizer came pre-installed with the triple titanium with quartz Sai coil.

Humboldt Vape Tech- EZ Sai Kit Reviews

Using the EZ Sai Kit is very simple. Charge it up to capacity before first use to treat the battery well. Once it is charged, all you need to do is push the button three times to turn it on. Take the dab tool, apply the desired amount of concentrate to the top of the cool coil and then slip the atomizer cap over the O-rings.
The Sai atomizer heats up within seconds after you hit the fire button and you can pretty much start inhaling immediately if you like the taste of terpenes… and who doesn’t? The adjustable airflow allows you to feel the concentrate as opposed to oxygen deprivation when you exhale. I find it incredibly efficient and I use the airflow adjuster every time I change the temperature. Humboldt Vape Tech is seriously dedicated to coming up with innovative solutions for cannabis enthusiasts. The EZ Sai Kit is easy to use and comes with everything that’s needed to get started to enjoy cannabis concentrates of all sorts.  It’s even possible to get one of these with a bubbler kit. Another option is to upgrade to the top airflow cap and use buckets instead of coils. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5 Humboldt Vape Tech’s EZ Sai Kit is a perfect all in one set wax vaporizer. It can be equally appreciated by occasional dabblers of concentrates and chronic cannabis connoisseurs. HVT allows you to hit the ground running by putting their renown Sai atomizer in an affordable kit. If you’ve been looking for a mobile atomizer kit, this is the one. Use code “SLYNG10” for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from Humboldt Vape Tech!