Icky Stick Smoking Pipe | Review

icky stick smoking pipes

Icky is a smoking accessory brand that is changing the world with its innovative products. Check out our Icky Stick review to see why it’s the cleanest way to combust on the go.

About Icky

Icky was founded in 2015 and has steadily created an innovative line of products that have taken the industry by storm. The company’s products have been recognized by the Editors of Dope Magazine and even industry OG Tommy Chong.

Icky’s products range from humidors to grinders. But what it's probably most known for is its most innovative product: The Icky Stick. 

I received a Green Icky Stick and a Tom F*cking Brady Icky Stick for this review, and I was excited to try out Icky’s maze filtration system to see just how clean the hits would be.

Icky Stick Review

icky stick smoking pipe in a box

First Impressions of the Icky Stick Smoking Pipe

The Icky Stick arrives in a slim, rectangular box that features the Icky logo on the front. Once you open the box, you’ll see the Icky Stick nestled in a foam cutout. 

Measuring 3 ¼ inches long and weighing just 1.25 oz, the Icky Stick is made of 100% anodized aluminum and features Icky’s maze filtration technology. It also comes in a variety of stylish colors and designs⁠.

green icky stick smoking pipe

The Icky Stick body comes in three pieces that are threaded together to make a perfect one-hitter shape⁠—similar to a chillum. The Icky Stick also comes with a multi-purpose tool that can be stored in the mouthpiece and must be removed before you hit the Icky Stick. 

Filling the bowl tip of the pipe is easy, and even easier with the aid of the multi-purpose tool. They estimate that the bowl tip can fit about 5-6 pinches of ground-up herb. That works out to maybe a quarter gram, depending on how dense the herb is.

Once you’ve packed the bowl tip, you screw it back onto the Icky Stick’s main body. Then, you’re ready to light the bowl tip and inhale. 

Using the Icky Stick

As I lit the Icky Stick, I was struck by two things: the sound and the feel.

Everyone knows what a lit bowl sounds like⁠—there’s a crackling sound of combustion that often keeps going after you’ve finished inhaling, letting you know that your bowl is cherried and being wasted. The Icky Stick is decidedly different, though. 

As soon as I was done inhaling, the sound of combustion also stopped and the rest of the bowl entered some sort of stasis, waiting to be activated by fire again⁠—no waste.

The smooth and cool smoke that comes out of an Icky Stick is on another level because of the maze filtration system. Realistically speaking, a good comparison is probably to a water pipe that provides filtration, but I think it actually filters more similarly to an activated carbon filter that you might add to a water pipe. 

A better comparison, though, given that the Icky Stick looks like a one hitter, is the honeycomb glass screens or honeycomb glass filters. The 32cm of maze filtration provided by the Icky Stick is like having a full stack of twenty honeycomb glass screens protecting your throat.

Given the next-level filtration, it’s understandable that hitting the Icky Stick requires a little more lung power than most pipes. However, it isn’t a downside at all. 

Cleaning the Icky Stick isn’t hard either. You can give it a good soak or use the multi-purpose tool to physically remove any obstructions. Or, for an even deeper clean, you can use their proprietary Icky Clean⁠—a 5 minute soaking solution that leaves it almost brand new.

The Verdict

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5

The Icky Stick is hands down the best, non-water filtered combustion device that I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. The fact that it is small enough to fit in my hand or pocket, and that it can hold multiple hits at a time, just elevates its usefulness even more. 

It's no wonder every person that I’ve shown this piece to has been impressed.

Icky’s motto is “Keep it Sticky⁠.” Now, they’re talking about keeping the filter sticky⁠—not your throat. If you're in the market for an on-the-go smoking device, this is the multi-one hitter that you’ve been looking for your entire smoking career. 

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Featured Image: Icky