Injoy Extracts 75mg Delta 8 Gummies Review

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Company Overview

Injoy Extracts is on a mission to revolutionize the CBD and cannabis industries. With over 40+ years of expertise driving them forward, they are dedicated to providing top-notch edible hemp-derived products sourced from advanced extraction methods. They stand out with their commitment to quality, compliance, transparency, and consistency and strive to maintain their industry leader position.

Besides delivering exceptional products formulated with unusual ingredients, Injoy Extracts also proudly bears a witty tone perfect for any modern customer.

Today I will review their 75mg Delta 8 Gummies, Cotton Candy.

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Delta 8 Gummies - Cotton Candy


I've never been much of an edible guy, I've always preferred smoking/vaping, but I wanted to try these gummies after seeing all the positive reviews. As I mentioned in the company overview, Injoy Extracts has over 40 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Hence, they know something about extraction and cultivating good cannabis products.

The bulk gummies came in 114 gummies, with about 75mgs of Delta 8. The ingredients are all-natural and gluten-free, which is ideal for any diet or restriction. I was also excited to try the cotton candy flavor as someone with a sweet tooth.

Since Delta 8 is a potent yet relaxing cannabinoid, I decided to pace myself and start with one gummy in the safety of my home. The first taste was excellent, the flavor melted in my mouth, and there wasn't any lousy aftertaste like with standard edibles/gummies. I enjoyed it and was tempted to try another gummy. You could tell that Injoy Extracts took their time with this fantastic product, off to a great start.

The effects started kicking in after about an hour, starting gradually with a body high and a small burst of euphoria. Before long, I felt giddy and energetic, ready for anything life threw at me at the moment; it was a great pick me up.

The effects of these delta 8 gummies were unlike anything I'd ever experienced before - apparently, 'incredible' wasn't strong enough to describe the power of what I felt! Like something straight out of a movie, the effects lasted for over 8 hours, making me feel like an absolute boss. Despite the longevity, I never felt overwhelmed or anxious; it was just the perfect high. Believe me when I say this edible was way better and lasted longer than anything I’ve ever experienced. Kind of like a super luxurious power nap or something!

It transformed my daily routine. With each gummy came consistent effects that lasted for hours, leaving me feeling relaxed and content. Suffice it to say; I'm now a huge fan! I incorporated it into my routine, and I don't regret it!

I've even recommended delta 8 to friends looking for an enjoyable way to unwind after their daily grind. So if you're in the market for something reliable and super enjoyable, look no further than delta 8 gummies!

Seriously, I never thought I would enjoy edibles like this. Usually, when I take edibles, I'm wary of the after-effects, but with these, I never experienced anything, thanks to the Delta 8.

Injoy Extracts 75mg Delta 8 Gummies Review - Conclusion

Trying out Injoy Extracts' Delta 8 gummies is a real treat. They are tasty, mighty, potent, and excellent for achieving that calm yet uplifting high feeling. Plus, with the special coupon code Slyng25 at checkout, you can get 25% off your order. Trust me when I say this is one delta-deal you won't want to miss!

So act now! Try these fantastic Delta 8 gummies or other of Injoy Extract's great products.