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Jane West x GRAV Reviews

GRAV Labs x Jane West

GRAV Labs and Jane West are both well-known names within the industry. Grav has a wide selection of items that are used to create a better smoking experience. GRAV always delivers beautiful and functional pieces, from water pipes to bubblers and grinders, which have become staples in many smokers' homes. Their commitment to producing ethical, quality products is what keeps them at the top of the game. Jane West is the CEO of Jane West and the founder of Women Grow. Jane West is a lifestyle brand that creates sophisticated smoking accessories and home products to elevate any practice. Women Grow is an organization that empowers women in the industry; they hold events and conferences to educate and guide women about growing within a business that tends to be male-dominated. Ms. West's designs are modern, feminine, and unique while still being functional. The collaboration between these two captains of industry is nothing short of a success.

The Beaker Overview

Jane West x GRAV Reviews
The Beaker comes in a clean white box with a beautiful illustration of the piece on the side. Unwrapping this blue-beauty from its many protective layers, you can feel how solid and heavy it is, while still maintaining delicate lines. The bowl is wrapped separately, rolled up safely with bubble wrap. The cobalt is nearly black in certain lights while flashing bright blue in others. The Beaker gives a nod to Art Deco design with the geometric profile and flared base and mouthpiece. There is a square decal with Jane's initials in the center, and this detail adds to the femininity of the piece.

The Beaker by Jane West X GRAV Reviews

All you need is a couple of inches of water and she's ready to be used! As mentioned, the mouthpiece is flared, which brings it to the perfect circumference and thickness of glass. Some water pipes' mouthpieces can be too broad and it feels like you have to put your whole mouth inside of it. I prefer the smaller circumference where just the edges of your lips are touching the glass. This also makes it more sanitary if you decide to use this piece with friends.
Jane West x GRAV Reviews
The wide base and solid downstem make the Beaker easy to hold with one hand so that you can light the bowl with the other. The bowl itself has an extra flare so you can easily grab it without touching any of the hot bits. This bowl has a narrow opening but is deceptively large- it holds more product than you would expect. As far as functionality, it is a pretty straight-forward piece, but the hits are smooth and unexpectedly large. The Beaker is the perfect piece to have in your rotation. It is lovely to look at and can be left out without being obvious. With its clean lines and deep blue color, it seems like a piece of art from a seasoned glassblower. And, most importantly, it hits like a dream! You get clean, crisp hits thanks to the full opening of the fission downstem. Look: 5/5 Build Quality: 4⁄5 Ease of Use: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5⁄5 Overall Score: 4.5/5