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JET Water Pipe

B-SM-X5 SubZero Water Pipe Reviews

With legalization occurring at state levels and the legalization effort spreading further and farther, we're experiencing a colossal explosion of innovation in the industry. Companies are popping up left and right, bringing creative products featuring new materials and designs. One such company to watch out for is JET Water Pipes. Modern materials, State-of-the-Art CNC manufacturing techniques, and a dedication to quality are a few of the points that set JET Water Pipes apart in this expanding market.

More about JET Water Pipes

Founded by a self-trained CNC programmer, the company poured thousands of engineering hours of research and development into their water pipes. The company has its roots in the aerospace CNC and fabrication industry. Take a quick trip through there website, and you'll quickly see what I mean. The team at JET has engineered a combustion system aimed to remove ash and cool smoke with such precision it looks like it could function as the air filtration system on an airplane.
JET Water Pipe
Their JET Stacks have been designed and cut with precision only CNC can offer. In fact, except for the tube and other small miscellaneous parts, every major component on their water pipes is machine cut. When you piece all this together, you get the SubZero. In my case, JET sent over the B-SM-X5 (Black X5) as well as some additional JET Stacks.

The B-SM-X5 SubZero Water Pipe

JET Water Pipe
JET shipped the X5 Subzero water pipe securely, in the box, you'll find stickers, a small tube, mouthpiece, base & X5 diffuser core, stem and V3 bowl, & heavy-duty screens. If you've purchased additional JET Stacks, they may be already assembled inside the tube, as was my experience. Be warned, even the small unit is tall, clocking in at 18" to be exact. Every component that JET water pipes shipped reflects the quality and craftsmanship JET claims. From top to bottom, every aspect pipe has been meticulously designed and machined.

B-SM-X5 SubZero Water Pipe Review

JET Water Pipe
As soon as you have the tripod base in your hands, you know this is the result of someone fed up with an awkward and unbalanced water pipe design. There are three channels cut into this perfectly machined cylinder, which I later discovered are perfect grips for hooking your thumb onto while pulling a hit. The most substantial component, by far, is the base. This extra weight isn't a negative as its design ensures a low center of gravity.
JET Water Pipe
I attempted multiple times to knock this unit over, which I do not recommend you attempt, and try as I might I could not. No more fumbling to catch that glass piece as it teeters away, threatening your carpet. If it does tip past the point of no return, fear not, the mouthpiece offers a bit more protection yet. While not an advertised feature, the mouthpiece is designed to create a comfortable seal between the user and pipe, it adds some protection from leakage should the unit tip. Another bonus feature! All additional components attach to the base. The core, an assembly of the diffuser, ball valve, and cyclone filter, screws directly into the bottom as does the stem. Unique features abound; the stem is one of my favorites. It features a bypass valve you pull down on rather than a bowl you pull out when you want to flood the chamber with fresh air. This feature allows for a single-handed hold, thus reducing the awkwardness that accompanies smoking out of many large glass water pipes. Attaching to that is the heat-dissipating bowl. My hands can acclaim to the truth of this statement.
The shatterproof tube is a nice touch, which I think many will appreciate. The companies futuristic logo and water lines etch into the tube; a nice touch as filling this unit with too much liquid reduced the size of my hits drastically. Take note, its critical to use only approved cleaners. While this thing is shatterproof, using incorrect cleaning solutions will leave this beauty scared. Housed inside the tube and directly attached to the core, you will find the JET Stack percolators. Everyone gets one Stack built it, and it's attached to the top of the core. Should you like to add more, they can be purchased from JET and connected via a long thin bolt that screws directly into the core. The pin is threaded its entire length so that you can add as many Stacks as the measure will allow. Look: 4/5 Build Quality: 5/5  Ease of Use: 4/5 JET Water Pipe Effectiveness: 5/5  Overall Score: 4.5/5 So with all this engineering, you're probably asking yourself, "How does it hit"!? Like a dream. Really! The team at JET put their heads together and came up with something truly amazing. The hits are smooth as butter and fresh as a summer night. JET includes a warning about this, and it's with good reason. Even this seasoned toker was left surprised as the first monster hit I ripped rolled out of my lungs like I was exhaling the fog to fill the SF Bay. Try one of JET Water Pipes today and use our JEY Water Pipes coupon code: SLY15 for 15% OFF your entire order on the JET Water Pipes site!