King Pen Vapes | A Customer-Centric Online Vape Shop


Recently Slyng had the pleasure of speaking with and interviewing the owner of King Pen Vapes, who shared a lot of insight on the engines that has allowed them to be as successful as they are today. King Pen Vapes is an online vaporizer store, with hundreds of quality vaporizers that will fit every consumer's needs.

King Pen Vapes the Start 

King Pen Vapes officially opened August 2013 is one of the oldest online vaporizer shops, although they have been in the business even before then.

The owner of King Pen Vapes, Alex Mirzaian recalled how King Pen Vapes started,“I began selling vapes on eBay, once I saw that sales were actually coming in I realized this could actually be something bigger and decided to go after the website.”

Although King Pen Vapes has a wide variety of vaporizers that was not always the case, they had to start somewhere, Mirzaian said, “In the beginning, most of the vaporizers we were dealing with were cheap vaporizers the inexpensive kind. So cheap vaporizers are where we started from, and after that, we gained the knowledge of whats better, the different heating methods, etc.”

With experience in the early stages of the vaping industry came a lot of knowledge but Mirzaian attributes their success to their customers.

“We started implementing different things, most of our implementation happened when we started speaking to customers. When we started communication with customers they were able to tell us what they wanted and that helped us form a base of where to go, what to do and what not to do.”

This tactic has not only gained King Pen Vapes success but has also become a company motto, “Customer service and customer relation is where we do best at.”

Customer Service and Relation is #1

This idea of creating an open forum for their customers to express themselves was something they started from the beginning. Mirzaian states, “In the beginning, we started noticing some negative feedback from there we took the initiative to go off of the feedback and make things better.”

This decision resulted in great success for King Pen Vapes, “We had an explosive growth from 2016-2018 and I believe most of that is attributed to our customer service and our customer relation.”

King Pen Vapes not only listened to their customers but also went the extra mile for them. As it is in most online vape shops many times manufacturers discontinue products and the vape shop needs to answer to the customers. Well, King Pen Vapes has a unique approach to this situation. One that of course puts their customers' needs first.

“One of the things we like to do is if a product was sold out or it was recently discontinued we would give the customer the opportunity to get a little bit more expensive vaporizer for the same price. An example would be if someone was to go to our site and purchase something that was $75. We would notify them that this item was discontinued and give them the option of getting a vaporizer of equal or higher price of $100-110. At no extra charge.”

This is a result of King Pen Vapes moto to always put the customer first. Which is also where their warranty comes into play.

“We put our own one year warranty on top of the manufacturer's warranty if its less than 1 year, for example, if a product comes with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty we cover the other 6 months with our warranty.”

Ensuring all the products sold on their site have at the very least a one year warranty.

Knowledge is Power, Educating One New Vaper at a Time

King Pen Vapes not only care for the needs of their consumers when receiving their desired vaporizer but they also educate their public so that they may have all the tools needed to find the vaporizer that fits their exact needs.

A company that acknowledges their main users and came up with a way that specifically makes their experience that much easier.

“We just try to help vapers as much as possible most of our clients are first time users. First-time users can be anyone from someone who just turned 21 and is buying their first vape or someone who is 65-70 and their doctor just told them they have an illness and don't like to smoke so they decide to vape.”

Entering the smoke space as a new user can be confusing and intimidating. The cannabis industry has its own community and culture, one of the main aspects that take time is learning the cannabis language.

Unless you go out of your way to search each term, in the King Pen Vapes Site they make that search easy. They provide their users with a vaporizer glossary that includes up to date definitions of common words used in the vaporizer industry.

“First-time users are our number one customers and those are the ones that we try to help as much as possible we try to do the review we try to to do deep in-depth descriptions of the products. We try to keep our vape glossary active.”

Mirzaian in regards to who is responsible for the content stated, “The content is written by us but is all user based. Some of it is feedback from customers and some of it is plain user experience.”

Of course, if you still feel like that is not enough they have a customer service line you can contact.

“We try to do as much as-as possible before the customer may feel like they need to give us a call. They can always give us a call but our goal was to provide as much information as we can before they give us a call.”

Shipping Costs and Fast Delivery

As mentioned King Pen Vapes has quality vaporizers from a wide range of price points that are guaranteed to fit your needs. If you’re new to the vaping world and eager to learn they provide the knowledge you may need and the support on their site.

As far as their shipping goes the offer, “Free Shipping in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. Shipping to Canada is $20 and anywhere else around the world is $30.”

Delivery is important to them, therefore, “As long as the order was placed before 3 pm eastern time it all goes out the same day.”

King Pen Vapes offers the quality, experience, and commitment that you have been waiting for from an online vaporizer store.

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