Koi Naturals Tincture Reviews


Koi Naturals Reviews

Koi CBD offers a range of products from CBD oil tinctures to CBD oil vape juices to CBD gummies and CBD for pets.

Who is Koi CBD?

Since their start in 2015, Koi CBD has become one of the most popular and trusted CBD brands across the country. As a testament to this, I’ve seen their product mentioned on storefront windows and even heard it shouted out on the radio. What I like most: for each of its products, Koi CBD offers the entire range of strengths.
I personally like that because it allows me to recommend Koi CBD as a brand to anybody and rest assured knowing that Koi has them covered if they need to change their dosage. While many stores only carry products with lower CBD dosages, Koi has a product for everybody in their e-shop.

What Makes Koi Naturals CBD Oil Unique?

Whether you see them in a store or just online, two boxes juxtaposed together provides you with the full logo. Also, a single box facing you at a 45-degree angle will also allow you to see the full logo. Both the actual coy fish and the lettering of the “Koi” company name change depending on the flavor. As previously mentioned, a wide range of dosage levels makes this very appealing for users: customers can choose from 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and even 2000 mg doses. Koi CBD uses a proprietary full spectrum CBD oil blend made using CO2 extraction methods which they call Koi PRIZM. Besides CBD, Koi PRIZM also features CBDV and CBG in measurable amounts to allow for all of the cannabinoids synergistic effects to take place.
To top it off, the proprietary blend also contains thirteen different terpenes. The hemp that’s used for this pharmaceutical grade processing is grown in the San Luis Valley in Colorado and every batch is lab tested for quality so you can be sure there is no THC present. You can view all of Koi CBD’s products’ lab results here. For those that don’t quite know what flavor they want, they even have a Koi Naturals variety pack. When Koi launched their Naturals brand of CBD oil tinctures, they only had four flavors: Spearmint, Lemon-Lime, Natural, and Orange. Now they have released two new flavors, Strawberry and Peppermint, and have sent them over for me to try. Just like the original four flavors, these two new Koi Naturals CBD oil tinctures use only 100% natural flavorings. There’s none of that fake tasting oil here.

Koi Naturals: Strawberry Reviews

I was excited to try the Koi Naturals Strawberry flavor because when I unsealed the bottle, I began to smell the sharp and ripe smell of actual strawberry, not the candy flavor. It smelled just like the entire strawberry section of the grocery store - or just one of those tiny wild strawberries right up in your nose. Without hesitation, I applied the CBD oil sublingually with the dropper and relished the taste of sweet strawberry as well as the complete lack of hemp plant taste. Chris Stapleton just might swear off strawberry wine for this if he ever tried it, as long as he had his other drinks of course. I noticed the effects in full force right around the hour mark but I could feel them creeping up on me well before. Like a prism provides a full spectrum of color, I felt the full spectrum of CBD effects in my body and in my mind. The stiffness in the joints associated with waking up after having left the fan on all night? Disappeared. The mental cloud from not getting a good night’s sleep because it was just a little bit too cold and the blanket was just a little bit too small? Couldn’t tell you what it felt like if I wanted to. I settled into a thirty-minute long stretching session and was able to focus on my mind-muscle connection very viscerally the entire time, which isn’t normally so easy. Overall, I felt that that particular stretching session was very productive. By the end of the day, I went to sleep feeling as if I had enjoyed a professional massage. CBD Taste: 5/5 CBD Effectiveness: 5/5 CBD Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Koi Naturals CBD: Peppermint Reviews

The next day, I tried the new Koi Peppermint flavor. Compared with the Strawberry flavor, the Koi Naturals Peppermint flavor wasn’t bursting out of the bottle when I first twisted it open. Once I opened up the cap though, the unmistakable smell of peppermint hit my nose. The taste was smooth and just the right amount of minty for me - it had more zest than a typical after-meal mint given out in a bowl at a restaurant, but it wasn’t overpowering like a mint strip is for the first few seconds. On the same scale of restaurant mint to Listerine strip, the sweetness level was also spot on - closer to the strip than the restaurant. Even though the Peppermint isn’t as sweet as the Strawberry flavor, the taste of hemp is still completely nonexistent. By the time the freshness in my mouth had worn off, I was well into feeling the mental effects of the CBD oil. I wasn’t nearly as sore as I was the day before, so my thoughts gravitated towards how clear headed I felt. It’s not that I was any sharper, it’s just that being in a less stressed state of mind allowed me to process incoming things I had to do without inaccurately overestimating their difficulty simply because of anxious feelings. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the taste and experience. CBD Taste: 4.8/5 CBD Effectiveness: 5/5 CBD Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 4.97/5 Koi CBD has created two new flavors to stand alongside their existing line of Koi Naturals CBD oil tinctures. The flavors are available in CBD strengths from 250mg to 2000mg and are quite figuratively bursting with natural flavor. Use code koipromo2 for an awesome 10% OFF your entire order from Koi CBD!