Kore Organic CBD Gummies and Pain Freeze Review

Kore Organics CBD Gummies

Kore Organic is a company dedicated to providing CBD products to America’s core. Check out this review of the Kore Organic CBD gummies and Pain Freeze to see if these are the right CBD products for you.

Kore Organic Company Info

Kore Organic is a major CBD brand by Summitt Labs based out of sunny Florida. To keep things organic, Kore starts with top-tier hemp flowers that are put through a thorough assessment before even being accepted for processing.

The CBD isolate that makes up Kore Organic’s CBD product backbone is processed using hydrocarbon extraction (HCE). The extraction facility maintains Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) so you know things are pharmaceutical grade.

The extraction process ensures that the hemp extract adheres to the US Farm Bill of 2018 and contains <0.3% D9 THC. All Kore Organic products are tested by Green Scientific Labs in Davie, Florida and the associated lab results are viewable by anybody online. Products are even non-GMO.

I’ve previously reviewed many products by Kore Organics including their CBD vape juices, but this is my first time with a Kore Organic CBD topical. This time around, Kore Organic sent over two new flavors of their CBD gummies as well as their CBD Pain Freeze topical.

Kore Organic CBD Gummies Review

Kore Organic CBD Gummies come in their signature paper bag with a teaser viewing mirror on the back. These CBD gummies came in two flavors: Sour Twin Cherries and Watermelon Rings.

Each bag comes with 105mg of Kore Organic CBD isolate which works out to 15mg CBD per Kore Organic gummy - no matter the flavor.

Sour Twin Cherries CBD Gummies
Kore Organic Sour Twin Cherries CBD Gummies

The Sour Twin Cherries were really delicious. Most people like their cherries sweet and just a little tart. I like the other way around ever since I developed a taste for chokecherries.

These Sour Twin Cherries CBD gummies by Kore Organic capture that acrid tartness but still delivers the sweet aftertaste that triggers that sugar high. 

Watermelon Rings CBD Gummies
Watermelon Rings CBD Gummies

The Watermelon Rings, on the other hand, are strictly a splash of sweet and fruity tutti watermelon. I always end up chewing CBD gummies when they’re rings because breaking that ring just has to happen. Before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole gummy.

Whether you chew or let it sit, all Kore Organic CBD gummies flavors that I’ve had the ability to try are delicious, and best of all: efficacious.

The feeling of Kore Organic CBD isolate is subtle. It’s almost like you feel it by noticing what you don’t feel anymore. For example, that kink in your neck fades away, or the pain isn’t as bothersome. It’s hard to quantify, but let my qualitative words show that it’s there.

I know that there are those that strictly avoid full spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp products because the risk of failing a drug test is just too high. Kore Organics has these quality products with their purity tested for such users. It’s really a great thing to see.

CBD Pain Freeze
CBD Pain Freeze

Kore Organic CBD Pain Freeze Review

The Kore Organic CBD Pain Freeze Roll-On comes in a 450mg (3 oz) container. The lid comes off easily to reveal a handy dandy roll-on applicator. This CBD pain freeze is TSA compliant, which makes it perfect for all the back sore digital nomads out there.

Using the Kore Organic CBD Pain Freeze

This CBD topical was hands down, roll-on out, the best compact way to stop pain in its tracks. I used it on everything from dull aches to sharp pains and pesty itches. I like the way it smells, because it wakes me up, but also because I’ve associated that smell with topical relief.

Getting CBD to a localized region is great for targeting inflammation. The spearmint is there for short-term relief, and afterward, the CBD should be acting on local CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

I used this on my back, my forearms, legs, and even my wrists. The suggestions emphasize washing your hands after application and do follow that if you have sensitive skin.

If a mentholated topical isn’t for you, don’t worry. Kore Organics has many other CBD topicals with different applicators and consistencies. They’re sure to have something to fit your preferences. All of their products feature the same high-quality CBD isolate, and that’s the good stuff.

Kore Organic CBD Gummies and Pain Freeze Review Results

I recommend Kore Organic’s CBD products for new and experienced users alike but especially for new users. Their Zero THC products, like their CBD gummies or CBD Pain Freeze, use CBD isolate to treat pain and other unwanted symptoms.

The brand's CBD gummies come in multiple flavors. I can tell you that the Sour Twin Cherries gummies and Watermelon Ring gummies are tasty, with the sour winning in a head-to-head battle.

If you haven’t tried Kore Organic’s products, now is the time. Use code “GETKORE25” for an amazing 25% OFF your entire order from Kore Organic!