Kore Organic CBD Sour Rainbow Ribbons & Focus Capsules | Review

kore organic cbd products

Kore Organic’s CBD products are efficacious to the core, and they have so many different products to try. Check out this review of Kore Organic’s Sour Rainbow Ribbons, as well as its Focus Capsules, to see if these are the right CBD products for you.

About Kore Organic 

Kore Organic is brought to you by Summitt Labs. The company is based in sunny Florida and has been a major player in the CBD industry for years. Like all quality CBD products, Kore starts with locally sourced, high-quality hemp flowers that are thoroughly evaluated before they are extracted and added to the company’s products.

Kore Organic CBD is processed using Hydrocarbon Extraction (HCE) in a facility that maintains Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). The extraction process ensures that the hemp extract adheres to the US Farm Bill of 2018. The company also ensures that every product is free of GMOs. 

All Kore Organic products are tested for purity by Green Scientific Labs, in Davie Florida. Lab results are viewable online. 

Finally, there is a physical Kore CBD Store, which is great news for any locals in Georgia who want to buy Kore Organic products without having to pay for shipping.

I previously had the chance to try out Kore Organic’s vape juices and thoroughly enjoyed them. This time, Kore Organic sent over its new Focus CBD capsules, along with its CBD Sour Rainbow Ribbons.

Kore Organic CBD Sour Rainbow Ribbons Review

Kore Organic

The Kore Organic CBD Sour Rainbow Ribbons come in the company’s standard khaki-colored packaging. The bag also features a viewing window on the back so you can quickly see the CBD gummies without having to open it up. 

All in all, the package contains 105mg of CBD split among seven sour rainbow ribbons.

First Impressions of the Sour Rainbow Ribbons CBD Gummies

To start off, I ate three whole sour ribbons⁠⁠—which equates to 45mg of CBD⁠—within ten minutes. The taste of the CBD gummies was undeniably sour, but not in an over-the-top Warheads kind of way. As with most candies, the initial sour flavor is followed by the traditional sweet gummy taste that makes you wish for the sour to return. 

The aftertaste of this gummy was some parts extract, but all parts delicious and efficacious.

I took the CBD gummies after dinner, and I could feel my body loosening up and my anxiety falling away⁠—like so many tightly clutched items falling from a loosened grip. When I went to bed, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night as often as I normally do. I slept continuously for longer than I had this year, and it was a notedly different experience waking up the next day because I felt well-rested and recovered.

The Verdict

Taste: 4.8/5
Effectiveness: 4.9/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 4.9/5

Kore Organic CBD Enhanced Focus Capsules Review

Kore Organic

The Kore Organic CBD Enhanced Focus Capsules come in similar packaging as the gummies. The capsules themselves are a bright red-orange that really stands out when you see them from the viewing window. 

Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD and the entire bag contains five capsules. 

What sets these CBD capsules apart and focuses their effect is the addition of a proprietary blend of nootropics and other additives. Kore Organic’s blend includes Phenyl-GABA and Citrus Aurantium.

Phenyl-GABA, which you might know as Phenibut, is known for its relaxing and sometimes sedative effects, while Citrus Aurantium is also known as bitter orange and has been used for centuries to relieve anxiety. I’ve never tried either of these compounds before, so I was curious to see if they would work.

First Impressions of the CBD Enhanced Focus Capsules

I took one cap with my morning cup of water on an empty stomach⁠—like before I even brushed my teeth. I wanted to start feeling the Focus capsule right as I started my workday. Within an hour, I felt a sort of calm focus washing through me⁠—which was only noticeable when I actually started doing something productive.

I like productive products and I can’t pinpoint exactly what part of this blend is making me feel this kind of way. Still, I can say that this blend is efficacious. The recommended usage instructions say to keep re-upping on the capsules as needed. For me, I didn’t feel a need to re-up later in the day, but I can definitely imagine scenarios where I’ll want to have one ready just in case.

The Verdict

I definitely want to save the next few capsules for when I have to go out in public for a large event or to speak at some conference. Maybe next time I have a video chat with a stranger? Even thinking about these normally anxiety-inducing events usually gets my mind racing in a bad way, but while I was on these CBD Focus capsules, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5

I’d recommend Kore Organic’s products for new and experienced users alike. Whether you’re looking for one of the company’s Zero THC products or you want more of an entourage effect, this is still the brand for you. 

If you don’t like sour, that’s OK. Kore also carries its CBD gummies in the same strengths and in several other flavors, including Georgia Peach.

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