Kore Organic Sleep Body Lotion & Capsules Review

Kore Organic Sleep Body Lotion & Capsules

Kore Organic offers specially formulated CBD products in many forms. Check out this review of my experience with Kore Organic’s Sleep body lotion and capsules to see if they should be part of your nighttime routine.

Kore Organic Company Info

Florida-based Kore Organic is a leading CBD brand by Summitt Labs. As they create their product, The Kore team uses the highest quality materials. As a result, you can be sure that what you get will be exceptional.

The brand's CBD facility follows Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and uses Hydro Carbon Extraction (HCE) to remove the THC from Colorado-grown plants. Also, their Zero THC CBD products are certified.

Product testing is performed at Desert Valley Labs in Phoenix, Arizona. All results are available online to view. With Kore Organic, you can trust that you'll know exactly what you're getting.

Before this, I’ve been able to try some of Kore Organic’s other products. For this review, Kore sent over their proprietary blend of sleep capsules and their sleep body lotion. I was excited to try them out and see how they’d help my oft-troubled sleep.

Kore Organic Sleep Body Lotion Review

Unboxing the Sleep CBD Body Lotion

The Kore Organic body lotion comes in a brown, TSA-compliant container. Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces and is zero THC certified. You can fly with this product worry-free!

All in all, there’s 150 mg of Kore Organic’s CBD isolate in this lotion. The lotion itself is a blend that includes aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and more.

The real stars of the lotion that lift up the local effects of the CBD isolate are the essential oils packed inside. This sleep-targeted lotion contains lavender and cedarwood. These two great scents are perfect choices for use near the end of the day.

Trying Kore Organic's Sleep Body Lotion

I applied the lotion to the many dry parts of my skin after dinner. It was cool to the touch and the perfect consistency. This CBD lotion isn’t so runny that you end up dispensing more than you want to use. (When it comes to topicals, this stuff really matters to me.)

As I put the lotion on, the smells of lavender and cedarwood really got into my head. I couldn’t help but feel like I was giving myself some grade A spa treatment. I went to bed after about three hours and was able to drift off to sleep normally.

Though I haven’t been to many spas, I’ve walked by quite a few. While the smells wafting out are enticing, I’d have to say that a cannabis-friendly spa that uses CBD body lotion and allows naps would totally have my business.

Topical CBD products like this are great for the skin and allow you to localize the application of your CBD to trouble spots. This is just one item in Kore Organic’s topical collection. The others are worth a gander too! They also carry CBD body lotions in Awake and Calm blends.

Kore Organic Sleep Capsules Review

CBD Sleep Capsule Packaging

The Kore Organic sleep capsules arrive in a five-count tan and blue resealable bag. Each capsule contains 15mg of Kore Organic’s proprietary blend of CBD isolate supplemented with calcium and magnesium. Both are very helpful for the body. Many people are deficient, which leads to poor sleep.

Taking the Kore Organic Sleep Capsules

The multiple active ingredients in Kore Organic’s capsules are what sets them apart from over-the-counter varieties. Sure, people can mix and match different sleep aids at home. I personally prefer finding a blend that's worked for others and then trying them myself.

Three hours before bed on three separate occasions, I took these sleep capsules with some water. I tried taking two at a time on two different nights. My third trial was with only a single capsule.

I’ve always liked CBD’s ability to clear the mind without replacing said emptiness with high thoughts. It also relaxes the muscles in a way that is conducive to sleep.

I’ve never worried about being magnesium or calcium deficient. Even so, the sleep I got after taking the Kore Organic sleep capsules was better and deeper than when I've just taken CBD alone.

Kore Organic Sleep Body Lotion & Capsules Review Results

Kore Organic has done it again with their sleep targeted line of CBD products. Their sleep capsules use a proprietary blend that will help you get deeper sleep. Meanwhile, the body lotion delivers CBD to localized regions of your body while imparting relaxing smells to your brain.

Sleep is a delicate, important necessity. Anything you can do to improve your sleep is helpful, so consider these products for those restless nights.

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