KushyCBD | Keeping Consumers Healthy and Happy


KushyCBD | Keeping Consumers Healthy and Happy

KushyCBD is an award-winning CBD brand located in sunny Southern California. They focus on crafting the most effective and natural cannabis products on the market. KushyCBD is well-known for its award-winning THC and CBD gummies. Here at Slyng, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ruben Cross, founder, and CEO of KushyPunch and KushyCBD, to discuss what makes his company different than the rest.

The Start of KushyCBD

Ruben has a passion to see the cannabis industry thrive, having been a cannabis cultivator for years prior to starting KushyPunch and KushyCBD. In the beginning, Cross and his team focused on THC products. But they quickly realized the medical benefits of CBD and decided to expand the brand. Cross says, “Our sister company KushyPunch first launched in 2014 as a taffy, but it wasn’t until early 2015 that we first released the consistent, high potency gummy formula that we would go on to build the brand and its reputation on. From our earliest days creating THC products that the marketplace was looking for, we were experimenting with CBD in tandem. We started with a 60mg CBD gummy and a THC: CBD gummy, which is now very common but at the time was unheard of.”
CBD’s (almost) legal status, in tandem with the momentum behind cannabis legalization overall, has created a widespread interest in CBD. According to Cross, CBD has become a “trojan horse of sorts”, allowing for more positive interactions when it comes to cannabis in the world as a whole.

KushyCBD Providing Healthy Alternatives

KushyCBD gives its customer base a dose of medicine in a healthy and easy to consume way. This comes from many attempts to finding healthier alternatives for edibles. It all started when Cross was having trouble finding edibles. Everything available either had poor taste or were loaded with calories and carbohydrates. Cross explains, “There was nothing on the shelves for me. Then I put myself in the shoes of a medical patient visiting the dispensary for the first time, and I couldn’t see anything that would bring me a consistent, reliable dose without all the sugar and empty calories.” So, KushyCBD was born to provide quality CBD edibles, while putting the patient well-being first. Ensuring their customers are healthy and happy is at the forefront of the Kushy team. Cross says that’s something that will never change.
“That commitment to patient health and well-being is truly at the core of this company, and even as we’ve scaled and grown, seen California’s recreational market blossom and the stigma recede, we’re still completely focused on helping people find relief and happiness through cannabis,'' he shares.

What Sets KushyCBD Apart

KushyCBD and KushyPunch have become award-winning companies thriving in a competitive marketplace. Cross explains that while many companies use CBD distillate, KushyCBD uses full spectrum oil, which will provide you with the entire medical benefits of the cannabis plant.
Much of what lacks in the CBD space is trust in brands or companies. KushyCBD has implemented the best lab technology for crafting its products, which allows them to develop consistency across their line. “It was obvious to us that if the cannabis industry was serious about being a medical solution then we would need to employ the standards of the pharmaceutical and CPG industries. We were among the first brands to approach cannabis science in this way, and have remained at the forefront since then.” Knowing the process of creating CBD products and dosing properly is important for anyone consuming CBD. Unfortunately, the lingering stigma on cannabis is still stifling consumer knowledge and education. There is an industry-wide acknowledgment that consumer education about CBD’s health benefits is still widely needed. Cross agrees that there is a major lack of education out there. That’s why KushyCBD focuses on providing key CBD news and information for those who are new to CBD and want a guiding hand. Cross explains, “It’s very obvious that consumer knowledge is lagging far behind curiosity. The wave of excitement around CBD tells us that people are fed up with taking pharmaceutical drugs for every health problem that they have, but people are still expecting to “feel something” when they consume CBD.”

KushyCBD’s Outlook and Products

KushyCBD has expanded to provide a variety of different CBD products: gummies, gel capsules, cartridges, oil syringes, and tinctures. Aside from their best selling gummies, the most popular product recently is KushyCBD’s sweet mango tincture, which contains 450mg of full spectrum CBD and has a subtle rich mango flavor.
Cross added, “That is one of our products where we’re seeing a lot of competitors using isolate while we use full spectrum oil. This shows people getting "more" CBD for their money, but the quality isn't anything as high.” If you are interested in KushyCBD, you can get a sweet deal by using our code. Just enter “KUSHYDEAL10” at checkout for 10% OFF your order today!