Lookah Seahorse MAX Dab Pen Review

Lookah Seahorse MAX dab pen

Lookah Glass is a longstanding glassmaker in this industry and they have a new product, the Seahorse MAX Dab Pen. Check out our Lookah Seahorse MAX review to see if it’s the right dabbing device for you.

About Lookah Glass

Lookah Glass has been around since 2009, making glass for the vaping and smoking industries. Since then, they’ve covered the whole gamut of combustion and vaporization glass⁠—starting from old school water pipes for flower to new, electric-powered devices for concentrates. 

Lookah always tries to meld design and functionality. They work closely with the headiest of heady glass blowers to always cook up innovation. This brand also listens to customer feedback and that’s why they have so many iterations with the same function on their search for glass perfection.

I’ve previously had a chance to review the Lookah Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig as well as the predecessor to the MAX, the Seahorse PRO. For this review, Lookah sent over their newest and greatest: the Seahorse MAX.

Lookah Glass Seahorse MAX Dab Pen Review

Lookah Seahorse MAX in box
Inside the Lookah Seahorse MAX Box

The Lookah Glass Seahorse MAX Dab Pen/Wax Pen is a water-filtered electric nectar collector that comes with its own stand. Lookah Glass has iterated on this design so many times that they’ve got it down to a science now.

A dab/wax pen of this style isn’t a 510 threaded atomizer on top of a battery. Instead, it is an electric nectar collector, which means that the heated part meant to vaporize the concentrate is below the battery.

Trying Out the Lookah Seahorse MAX

I filled up my Lookah Seahorse MAX with a little more than a centimeter of water and screwed on one of the two provided quartz tips. Then I held the fire button down then dipped it into my crumble. Once the vapor started coming up, I quickly withdrew and kept inhaling the whole way.

You get a lot of control over how much you dab with a device like this. I like the water filtration function most of all because it greatly increases the amount of vapor that your throat can handle. I wish every piece in my collection could have water filtration like this.

All I tasted was my crumble thanks to the quartz tip. Between hits, the Seahorse MAX goes back on its stand with the still-hot tip sitting safely above the ground under its designated cover.

Lookah Seahorse MAX on stand
Lookah Seahorse MAX on the Stand

Compared with a normal oil rig, I always think I get higher from using a nectar collector like the Seahorse line. This might be because I end up with larger-than-necessary rigs.

The Seahorse MAX, meanwhile, is a perfect size. There’s a matter of inches and it is a straight shot between the heating element, the filtration element, and your mouth.

Tips for Using the Seahorse MAX Dab Pen

Instead of dropping your nectar collector’s heated quartz tip directly into your full jar of concentrate, use a dab tool as an intermediary. Sometimes this is easier with multiple people. I also have used silicon baking sheets or an empty jar of concentrate.

Putting the hot tip in a new jar of concentrate is waste-o-matic and clog-o-clock... ask me how I know. Using a nectar collector is a learning process and it’s bottom-up, not top-down. Don’t dab too much or it may clog the tip and cleaning it isn’t as easy once it has cooled down.

I might be dating myself, but I remember the old days when a torch was used to light the end of an analog nectar collector. That process took a long time and resulted in numerous accidental burns. Also, fuel costs for the butane and propane used to fire those torches were bordering on excessive.

Because of the economies of scale, it will always be more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to heat your rigs using electricity. For those that care about the environment like that, this may be enough of a reason to switch over.

Lookah Seahorse MAX Dab Pen Review Results

The Seahorse MAX is the upgraded version of Lookah Glass’s highly acclaimed Seahorse Pro. They’ve created a percolator dab pen or a water-filtered electric nectar collector.

Whatever your preferred name for this type of device is, Lookah Glass has the ones you should try. I’d recommend the Seahorse MAX to anybody who dabs, even if they’ve never tried a nectar collector. 

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