Lookah Seahorse PRO Electric Nectar Collector | Review

lookah nectar collector with box

Lookah Glass is a leading glassmaker and their newest product, the Seahorse PRO Electric Nectar Collector, is taking the market by storm. Check out our review of the Lookah Seahorse PRO to see if it’s the right dabbing device for you.

About Lookah Glass

Lookah Glass has been creating quality glass products for the industry since 2009. Over the last dozen years, it has created products for combustion and vaporization⁠—starting from traditional water pipes to new, electric-powered devices. 

Lookah has set itself apart by focusing on melding design and functionality. It was able to accomplish this by working directly with hundreds of heady glass blowers to provide consistently innovative products.

As the industry grows, so too does Lookah Glass. I’ve previously had a chance to review its Portable Electric Dab Rig. And when I heard that a new electric nectar collector was on the way, I was definitely excited.

Lookah Seahorse PRO Electric Nectar Collector Review

lookah seahorse pro nectar collector box
Lookah Seahorse PRO Electric Nectar Collector

The Lookah Seahorse PRO comes in a black box that features vapor-laden shots of the Lookah Seahorse. Opening the box reveals the electric nectar collector unit in a striking metallic blue⁠. It’s also available in many other colors, including the psychedelic, limited edition Tie-Dye version.

lookah glass seahorse pro in tie dye
Lookah Glass

In terms of accessories, the Seahorse PRO comes with:

  • tip adapter
  • a connect hose
  • a cleaning brush
  • a 14mm/18mm adapter
  • a charging cable

The electric nectar collector also comes with a 650mAh battery, so it can easily last a full day on a single charge.

First Impressions of the Lookah Seahorse PRO Electric Nectar Collector

The Seahorse PRO is the perfect-sized electric nectar collector. Any shorter and the harsh heat from the quartz tip might make its way to your throat. On the other hand, any longer and you’d have to spend a lot of time cleaning reclaim out of the glass tube.

Using the Lookah Seahorse PRO is also highly intuitive, just like other Lookah devices. You press it five times to turn it on. It then takes another two presses of the fire button to change the temperature between three preset settings. Then, take the glass cover off the quartz tip of the nectar collector and you’re ready to go. 

I set my Seahorse PRO to the lowest temperature and took it to my glass jar of Watermelon OG shatter. The hit was smooth, and the shatter became gooey on contact. Just a slight, constant breathing in was all that was needed to collect the vapor from that delicious nectar. 

I was impressed with the first dry hit that I took with the Seahorse PRO, so the next step was obvious⁠—take out the green connector hose and attach the electric nectar collector to my water pipe via its 14mm female adapter. 

The next hit was bubbly and epic: water-filtered, smooth, and way larger than the first hit. Add the fact that the quartz nectar collector tip on the Seahorse PRO is actually removable and compatible with other 510 thread tips or carts, and I now have a new way to vaporize wax and oils electrically⁠—and with water filtration.

When it comes to the world of vaporizing concentrates, I have an admitted soft spot in my heart for nectar collectors. I used to enjoy an old-school nectar collector that was heated with a torch; however, every time I used it, I felt like I was wasting money on the fuel. Now that electric nectar collectors are available, I no longer feel that way. 

My, how times have changed.

The Verdict

Taste: 5/5
Ease of use:
Overall score:

The Seahorse PRO is aptly named given its size and form factor. The fact that you can hook this device up to a water pipe or dab rig for extra water filtration using out-of-the-box accessories is a humongous plus for me. I’d recommend the Seahorse PRO to absolutely anybody who vaporizes concentrates. 

Even if you don’t use this thing as a top-down nectar collector and decide to hit live resin cartridges instead, it’s still a good buy. Don’t sleep on Lookah Glass⁠—especially not this newest product.

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