Lookah Seahorse X Reviews

Lookah Seahorse X

Lookah Seahorse X Reviews

Lookah Glass is making major waves with big releases like their new Seahorse X. Check our review on the all-new all-in-one and see if it’s for you (spoiler: it probably is). 


Lookah Seahorse X

About Lookah Glass

If you’ve been vaping concentrates for a long time, you probably know at least a little about Lookah Glass. They’ve been around since 2009 and have made a big name for themselves since then with their hefty portfolio of combustion and vaporization devices: everything from traditional tools like water pipes to newer, electric-powered implements. 

In their time on the market, Lookah has built a reputation for building devices that look great AND do a great job—in other words, no sacrificing either form or functionality for the other. They achieve this balance by working directly with a list of hundreds of well-known glass blowers, giving them a knack for producing innovative product after innovative product. 

We’ve covered tools like the PRO Electric Nectar Collector— Take a look at our Lookah Seahorse X Reviews, where we will cover how Lookah builds numerous devices’ worth of functionality into a modular, sleek design.

Lookah Seahorse X Review: A Look at Each Mode

The first thing you notice when opening the Seahorse X’s packaging—which screams luxury product from first glance to final unboxing—is all the stuff that comes in the box. Portioned away in the black foam you’ll find well over a dozen attachments and add-ons to the Seahorse X, many of which you’ll be familiar with if you’ve checked our previous reviews

Lookah Seahorse X Reviews

You can use these attachments to modify the device in essentially any way you choose, but the big idea here is that the device takes on three high-level forms: Wax Pen mode, Nectar Collector mode, and Enail mode. 

Wax Pen Mode: This mode uses the included 710 thread quartz caps to connect to the Seahorse X’s chassis. From there, you can quickly snap on add-ons like the glass mouthpiece or water bubbler, creating a modular wax pen. Best of all, the brunt of your existing wax pen accessories likely connects to the Seahorse X, meaning you can further customize your experience right out of the box. 

Nectar Collector Mode: On the 510 side, I very much enjoyed the Seahorse X’s included nectar collector tools, which come with three coil options (two quartz and a ceramic) and allow you to use the device as a sort of supercharged honey straw. 

Enail Mode: I primarily used the device in Wax Pen mode, since I am an on-the-go smoker, but the provided enail options give a third powered method to consume your concentrates of choice with the added smoothness of water filtration—an especially great addition when you consider this is not a desktop device but one built for both home and on-the-go use. 

My Personal Take on the Seahorse X

I can’t put it any other way: this device is excellent. 

The number of options coming out of the box might seem overwhelming for the first 10-15 minutes, but once you see how easily everything connects and how nicely the included pieces play together—then remember that you can connect a lot of your favorite 510- and 710-thread addons directly to it—you start to see the immense value it offers. 

Lookah Seahorse X packaging

Ease of use is key to building a successful portable concentrate experience, and Lookah has fully knocked it out of the park here. Making something that suits quite literally almost any concentrate smoker’s needs, builds all the functionality into an all-in-one frame, AND makes it as easy to swap pieces is no small task… hats off to the designers at Lookah in this regard. 

Seahorse X Tips

Don’t overlook the water filter. If you’ve primarily used tools like honey straws to this point, you might be tempted to forego the included glass water chamber. At a minimum, make sure you give it one try, because there’s a good chance you’ll come away loving it. 

Try different temps: Different temperatures provide different tastes and effects, and the Seahorse X supports a vast number of options. Try them all and see what you like best for each type of concentrate you consume. 

It carries, too: Don’t forget about the included Wax Pen tools, which allow you to carry your concentrates in the small chamber and heat them up in there as needed, just like you would with your current wax pen of choice—it’s the best way for discreet on-the-go smoking, in my opinion. 

Seahorse X Final Thoughts 

Seriously—I cannot say enough good things about the Seahorse X. Lookah has crammed so many devices’ worth of functionality into a single frame it’s actually kind of crazy. And even crazier is how well the thing works. It’s been my daily smoker since the day it came in the mail and I find a new configuration to love every day. 

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