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About Lord Vaper

Lord Vaper is a seven-year veteran of the vaporizer industry. They are based in Los Gatos, California and feature a wide range of products in their online store. Besides vaporizers for dry herb, oils, and concentrates, Lord Vaper also carries CBD products. Lord Vaper works with vetted CBD products and allows customers to bundle, for example, CBD hemp flower with a dry herb vaporizer and receive a 10% discount.

Some other things to note about the online shopping experience at Lord Vaper are the Norton Shopping Guarantee and Vaper Points Rewards Program. I’ve previously tried the ZOLO series cartridge vaporizers from Lord Vaper and they were quality pieces, so I was excited to try the PipeVape aka Homles.

Lord Vaper PipeVape

 Lord Vaper

The Anlerr PipeVape comes in a white box that features a picture of the vape on the top and the words “PipeVape” on the sides. Opening up the box reveals the wood grain finished vape tucked away in a mold, user manual and an accessories box that holds a charger, a cleaner, a dab tool for getting the dry herb into the chamber, and two sets of extra rubber grommets.

A great feature of the PipeVape is its adjustable variable temperature control, from 300°F-435°F. The PipeVape also comes with has a 1000mah battery and uses a cylindrical chamber heated through conduction. Despite what you may think from first glance, the dry herb is actually loaded under the plastic mouthpiece, not where a traditional pipe is loaded - an informative LED screen is there instead. The screen shows a countdown of the duration of your session, target temperature, and current temperature and also features a battery indicator.

Lord Vaper has carried the PipeVape for a long time and have even taken feedback from previous buyers to improve their PipeVape experience. They noticed that the part that goes bad first is usually the rubber grommets that help the mouthpiece secure to the rest of the vape, and that’s why they include extras in the accessories. I’ve experienced these types of grommets getting nicked and eventually failing over time but with eight extra grommets, that’s quadruple redundancy versus the usual single or non-existent redundancy so I have no fear that I’ll run out and be without a solid seal.

Lord Vaper PipeVape Review

Lord Vaper

To try out the PipeVape, I mixed some flower with kief and lightly packed it into the conduction chamber with my pinky. I used the dab tool to make sure everything was in there then sealed the chamber shut with the mouthpiece. I turned on the vape and started at 340 degrees where I got a nice vapor cloud and could still taste terpenes instead of burning. 

When using dry herb vaporizers, I always take things up in 10 or 15-degree increments once I don’t get visible vapor anymore. In my second session, I got the PipeVape all the way up to 435 degrees and was still feeling the effects of the flower. After the second session, I gave the pipe some time to rest before I opened it up to mix the dry herb around only to discover that that wasn’t necessary. 

Lord Vaper

The herb in the chamber had a very uniform color in it showing that the circular chamber had done its job evenly heating the contents. Sometimes, conduction dry herb vapes with rectangular chambers really burn the edges before the middle is done and mixing/stirring is the only way to be efficient. That’s not a worry with the PipeVape. The fully charged PipeVape lasted an hour of regular use.

I immediately appreciated the long, skinnier barrel as it is better for the dry herb and the mouthpiece itself is long enough to keep the vapor from burning your lips. Even after two back to back five-minute sessions, the body of the vape wasn’t too hot and the part where you hold it wasn’t hot at all. The metal ring near the mouthpiece does get hot, but that isn’t a place that is touched during normal use.

My favorite feature of the PipeVape was the screen, it had all the info and the best part about it is that you can see the screen while you’re hitting the vape. In my experience, this is not something that you usually find on a portable dry herb vape. When you’re holding the PipeVape like a normal pipe, you’re able to access all the buttons easily and intuitively because you can see the effects of your button presses immediately.

Lord Vaper

For the price range, it’s a good solid piece just from a performance standpoint not even considering how cool it looks. It’s the best under $50 dry herb vaporizer that I’ve tried.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 4.9/5

Overall score: 4.95/5

If somebody doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money, and still wants a great functional device that even has style points, this is the device for them. Don’t forget to save your already vaped bud for use in cooking or encapsulate them for a good simple recovery edible. The PipeVape from Lord Vaper is beautiful, cost-effective, and effective at vaping dry herb - and I couldn’t ask for more at this price point.

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