Lord Vaper Reviews | ZOLO-S, ZOLO-B & ZOLO-C

Lord Vaper

About Lord Vaper

Lord Vaper has been leading the vaping industry since 2013. In their own words, they have “literally grown like a weed” over the last seven years. Lord Vaper is based in Los Gatos, California and is a glowing example of what makes the Greater San Francisco Bay Area such a powerhouse in the cannabis industry. Lord VaperWhen it comes to the hardware needed to consume cannabis efficiently and discreetly Lord Vaper has you covered no matter if it’s a dry herb vaporizer, an oil cartridge vaporizer, a concentrate vaporizer, or even an oil cart vape with a concentrate adapter that you’re looking for. Lord Vaper sent over their ZOLO-S Oil Cartridge Vaporizer, ZOLO-B Oil Cartridge Vaporizer, and ZOLO-C Wax Atomizer Vape Pen Kit for review.

ZOLO-S & ZOLO-B Product Description

The ZOLO-B and ZOLO-S Oil Cartridge Vaporizers come in a black box that features the ZOLO name in white and the Lord Vaper logo. Opening up the box reveals the ZOLO oil cartridge vaporizer snuggly tucked away in its molded resting place along with a micro USB charging cable, instruction booklet, and three varying sizes of magnetic oil cartridge adapters. They both feature a 650mah battery as well as 3.0v, 3.4v, and 3.8v settings, but the ZOLO-B is heavier and is taller and wider than the ZOLO-S which measures in at 2.76″ by 1.61″ by 0.63″. Lord Vaper The ZOLO-S and ZOLO-B can also be upgraded with the ZOLO-C wax atomizer vape pen kit which is a concentrate adapter in case you are looking for something like a dab. The ZOLO-C comes with a dab tool and two different atomizers, one with a Silicon Carbide/Aludirome coil and another one that is a coil-less ceramic plate.

ZOLO-S Review

I tried the ZOLO-S with an oil cartridge first. I used the shorter magnetic adapter to take full advantage of the ZOLO-S lid that fits tightly and protects the cartridge from other items in my pocket/backpack and the environment. Lord Vaper I set the vaporizer to 3.8v and enjoyed a long drag that gave me a lot of flavor and was not harsh on the throat. I like that the ZOLO-S has a window underneath the firing button which allows you to check how full the cartridge is without taking it out.
Lord Vaper
What’s more appealing is that the LED is inside of the window and positioned perfectly so you can cover it with your thumb while pushing the firing button. The hide-able LED indicator along with the discreet cartridge and the lighter design makes the Zolo-S the most inconspicuous 510 thread cartridge vape I’ve ever hit in public. It stayed well-hidden in my hand without sacrificing any heft. Compared with the ZOLO-B, the ZOLO-S is smaller and lighter - perfect for a purse or handbag if your pocket is too small. The graphic designs that are available for both the ZOLO-B and the ZOLO-S are unique and allow the customer to show off their personality. I found the parachuting cannabis leaves on my Zolo-S to also have a jellyfish in the ocean vibe to it. Overall rating:
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.8/5
  • Overall score: 4.9/5

ZOLO-B Review

I eventually switched from the ZOLO-S to the ZOLO-B for the ZOLO-C concentrates atomizer. The weight and the digital screen just made the ZOLO-B seem perfect for taking some concentrate. Lord Vaper I tried some rosin on the Silicon Carbide/Aludirome coil and was impressed with the immediate amount of vapor. I had made sure to start with the highest voltage setting. The rosin was even tastier on the ceramic plate and I ended up leaving that atomizer in the ZOLO-C. The weight of the ZOLO-B isn’t too heavy, but it imparts a feeling of quality, and the zinc alloy metal just feels so cool against your hands. That metal lid and the hinge are what keep the 510 oil cartridge safe from other things that a vape might bang against in a bag or pocket. The Zippo lighter form factor really takes discrete vaping to a new level. I had to flick harder than I do with a lighter to open the lid with one hand, but it’s still possible and entirely doable and comes with the same satisfying click sound. Lord Vaper The coolest part of the ZOLO-B - and what sets it apart from the ZOLO-S - is the digital screen under the lid. Instead of relying on different color LEDs and having to remember which color means what, the ZOLO-B has a handy screen that displays the voltage in numbers and even designates preheating as “PH.” The fire button to activate it feels smooth and cool because it’s made of metal just like the rest of the case.
Lord Vaper
Though the screen does make concealing the lights during use a little different than on the ZOLO-S, the added functionality and coolness factor is well worth it. Concerned users like myself can still comfortably cover the screen with their thumb while hitting the fire button with their index finger, or vice versa. Overall rating:
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Overall score: 5/5
Everything from the upgradeability of the ZOLO vapes with the ZOLO-C atomizer to the fact that they come with different sized adapters that make most oil cartridges fit perfectly, lets me know that Lord Vaper truly cares about their customers’ vaping experience. The ZOLO-S and ZOLO-B offer discreet, protected vaping power on the go and even at home. Combining the ZOLO-S or ZOLO-B with the ZOLO-C takes this oil cartridge vaporizer to a completely different level of versatility - both in how you can hit it and where.  When it comes to the hardware needed to consume cannabis efficiently and discreetly, Lord Vaper has you covered. Use code “LVP15" for an awesome 15% OFF your entire order from Lord Vapor!