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Me Time Box Reviews

California and the quality of its glass smoking products go hand in hand with France and its classy wines, Italy and its high-end fashion, Canada and its unbeatably tasty maple syrup (that’s a thing, right?). Arguably, some of the best hand-blown glass pipes, water pipes, flavored papers, hemp wick, chillums, tools and utensils made in the world are created here in the Golden State. This is the reason why Me Time Box, which is a company who makes expertly-curated and jam-packed smoking kits that get discreetly delivered right to your door, wisely chooses to pack each individually-made Me Time Box specifically with smoking products from California.
Me Time
It is a hallmark in this new age of legalization that there are services like Me Time Box that dedicate themselves to making it easy for anybody anywhere to take full advantage of the ever-growing flow of new premium glass and smoking products being produced in the cannabis-friendly state of California. There are so many new smoking products being made every day that deciding which ones to try out can become a dizzying thought, so why not let a team of industry experts do the deciding for you? Every item in a Me Time Box has been chosen because it meets a standard of quality that the company’s specialists set for each of their smoking kits, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. The Me Time Box can be purchased at a reduced price by signing up for a monthly subscription, making it absolutely one of the best deals for smoking products out there. Does replacing your smoking gear on a monthly basis seem like overdoing it? Worry not, Me Time Box offers their curated smoking kits at a one-time purchase basis as well. Most intriguingly, if the products included in a Me Time Box were purchased individually, the total would value at up to 3x the price of one Me Time Box kit.
Plus the shipping is free. So, thanks to Me Time Box, not only is traveling from one smoke shop to another looking for the best glass pieces, tools and utensils eliminated, but the price of every premium item is also greatly reduced. Me Time Box makes a great gift, helps create expansive glass pipe collections, is ultra convenient and contains premium smoking products at very reduced prices. Don’t just sit there, order one today.

Me Time Box Company Profile

The idea for Me Time Box grew out of the expanding acceptance of cannabis throughout the United States as a legitimate form of medication and/or recreation, which made it necessary to create a form of introduction or a kit that offers new users a premium smoking experience. The creators of Me Time Box are three industry professionals who set out to simplify the process of acquiring high-quality smoking products for a practice they believe can be quite confusing to get started in. The Me Time Box became a solution for those who are interested in trying cannabis but have either no interest in aimlessly searching for smoking products or no clue where to start. The Me Time Box crew also decided to give veteran smokers some attention by offering a monthly subscription service for their kit, which will keep the flow of all the latest varieties of premium California glass pipes going for the collection. The Me Time Box creators believe that the monthly subscription can also be seen as a way for subscribers to share the knowledge and experience of smoking with premium products with friends, family, and everyone around them since they will be equipped with a vast collection after only a few months. Just as importantly as containing high-quality products, the Me Time Box was designed to be affordable, discreet upon arrival and simple to cancel at any time. Have a premium smoking experience delivered to your door with the Me Time Box, hassle-free.

Me Time Box Review

The fun begins with the Me Time Box immediately upon arrival, even before the box is opened up since the contents are a complete surprise even if you vaguely know what to expect. My mind started racing on what could be inside the box; Could there be a bubbler? What about that torch they have pictured on their website... is that in there?
I started imagining how dope the glass pieces probably look resting inside the box waiting to be sparked up. When the time came to finally open up the Me Time Box, which said “Enjoy Life, Every Day” on it (followed by “here comes the happy” on the inner flap) I was greeted with the following contents: one 8-inch green water pipe setup, one 4-inch glass pipe with travel pouch, one glass chillum, a rolling tray, a grinder, a lighter, a sneak-a-toke, a single blunt storage container, a glass blunt mouthpiece, a pack of blunt-sized hemp wraps, two packs of papers (one flavored) and a roll of hemp wick. If the Me Time Box could be compared to a loot box, I’d say my specific box ranks at an EPIC level since the glass pieces are so awesome and the included tools & utensils really help get the job done in so many different ways. Let’s take a closer look at each premium item included in my Me Time Box.

The Water Pipe

We shall start with the biggest and most badass item in the Me Time Box I received, which is an 8-inch tall glass green water pipe with a built-in percolator, an ice catcher and a 4-inch down stem with a medium sized bowl.
Me Time
Oh yeah. It’s easy to see at first glance that this piece was certainly made with care and attention since the percolator section alone looks so perfectly nice (it’s the only transparent section of the piece). Upon inspection, the rest of the water pipe looks just as attractive as the percolator, from the matte green coating on the top and bottom of the piece to the trippy shape that the inward pokes of the ice catcher make when looking through the top opening.
Loading a bowl into this piece was met with a great feeling of anticipation, and taking a draw from it tops anything I could imagine coming out of the little package that is the Me Time Box.

The Glass Pipe and Travel Pouch 

The next item from the Me Time Box is a glass pipe measuring at 4 inches long with an included perfectly-sized travel pouch to go with it.
The piece is very dark blue in color, has a medium-sized bowl and a carb.
The glass is thick on this piece, so I consider it to be a very durable example of a glass pipe, but I have not tested its durability (nor do I plan to try). Besides its thickness, even more, protection comes with it in the form of a blue and grey travel pouch, which resembles a pouch for sunglasses but much thicker with soft padding all around it, making the piece invulnerable even during the most intense travel conditions. Above all, the pipe works superbly, allowing me to billow smoke like a freight train rolling uphill.

The Glass Chillum

I was excited and surprised to see the chillum included in the Me Time Box since I haven’t used a chillum in an inappropriately long time. This chillum is small in stature (about three inches), is transparent and decorated with stripes in red and blue with green beads at the base of the bowl.
The last time I used a chillum was nearly a decade ago, so getting the proper hand positioning was tricky for me to get used to again. Additionally, this chillum is about half the size of the one I previously used so I had to modify my original technique to get it right.
After a bit of fooling around I got the hang of it again, which resulted in a nostalgic experience I’m very happy that Me Time Box was able to guide me through.

The Tools and Utensils

My Me Time Box included a healthy selection of products made to assist with creating a superb smoking experience. Starting with the basics, everyone needs a place to break cannabis up in, which is why there was a rolling tray included in the kit.
Me Time
This tray is made of metal, is blue and gray in color and is made by the company Mary Jane’s. Another important addition to the kit is a grinder. This one is purple and has a glitter design, which made me panic a little bit, to be honest. The last thing I want in my fluffy pile of ground-up weed is tiny bits of reflective plastic, and this grinder is covered in it.
After thoroughly inspecting and testing the grinder, I realized that the glitter does not flake off at all, so I eventually felt comfortable using it. The kit came with a white tube for transporting and protecting blunts on the go, which also had a glass mouthpiece inside that can easily be rolled into any blunt or joint for a more satisfying session.
This Me Time Box came with three sets of rolling papers: One regular set, one flavored set and one blunt-sized set of hemp rolling papers. The regular set is made by Magic Stick and its specialty is having the capability of staying lit throughout an entire session.
The flavored set is made by Token Token and subtly tastes like cherries in bursts throughout a session.
The blunt-sized hemp wraps are made by Kong Wraps and come in a pack of three. These wraps are at the perfect moisture, great for rolling fat blunts and they come in a resealable airtight pouch. Last, but not least, in this Me Time Box is the included roll of hemp wick, which is made by Bee Line.
This variety of hemp wick is made with organic hemp and beeswax to create a subtle but consistent flame that does not tarnish the flavor of your buds. I am still thoroughly enjoying the contents of my Me Time Box and I definitely recommend everyone should try one out. Look: 4.9/5 Build Quality: 4.9/5 Ease of Use: 4.9/5 Effectiveness: 4.9/5 Overall Score: 4.9/5 Order your Me Time Box today and enjoy our  Me Time Box coupon code: 75OFF for 75% OFF Assorted Glass Pipes through Me Time Box!