Melee Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds Pink Candy Kush Review


Melee Company Overview

Based in Las Vegas Nevada, Melee has been featured in some of the most prestigious cannabis magazines like Herb and Bloomberg. Melee has worked tirelessly to create edible gummies that not only taste great but provide all the great benefits THC has.

Working in labs with a tried and true formula, Melee has become a well known and reputable brand and best seller of edible gummies.

Today I will be reviewing the Melee Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds Pink Candy Kush flavor. These gummies aren't like any gummies, they infuse with five rare cannabinoids for optimal potency, something NO OTHER cannabis brand has ever even attempted, let alone perfected enough to make a great tasting edible.

Add in the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT that just adds to the exclusivity of this product. No company is adding their purchased NFT to their packaging and Melee does this with these gummies.

I'm so extremely excited to try them out.

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Melee Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds Pink Candy Kush


I got these edibles and the mail and right off the bat I was excited to try, just due to the packaging alone. The packaging is beautiful, a black box with all sorts of logos, colors, information about the product, and of course the signature Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT.

The container the gummies come in is also colorful and feature important info about the gummies, and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT that is all the craze right now. Before even taking the gummies I was already in love with Melee.

As someone who is in the know about crypto and NFTs, it's so refreshing to see a company that offers their collaboration with NFTs to the consumer, so in a way we're all owners of the NFT and part of a collaboration no one in the industry is doing.

The gummies feature 5 cannabinoids, which has got to be some sort of record. The best part is that it features the golden ratio of all five cannabinoids, with 4mg of Delta 9, 20mg of delta 8 and 10, 6 mg of THC-O, and 9mg of HHC, the perfect 420:69 ratio. If that doesn't get you to try it out, nothing else will.

The beauty of combining the 5 cannabinoids is that it extracts the best parts of each cannabinoid, which means you get 5 times the benefits you would get with standard gummies.

You get all the great things that come with Delta 8/9/10 THC-O, and HHC. No other edible has even tried three, let alone five. Seriously, taking just one makes me feel like im wasting such great potential.

They are also made with natural ingredients, all plant based with real terpenes and no artificial flavors, which is ideal if you count calories or want to avoid too much sugar intake.

Each container has about 20 gummies and each gummy is about 39mg, so I decided to start off with just one gummy. Since these type of edibles were new to me, I decided to take the gummy in the comfort of my home, on an evening where I wasn't doing anything. I'll admit, I was a bit cautious about the gummies being too intense since they had all these infusions.

I took the gummy and went about my evening, I felt the effects in about 30 minutes. It started gradually with a head high and slowly went through my whole body. After about another 20 minutes I felt like I was floating. Like I laid down on my couch and I felt like I was flying.

It didn't slump me like I thought it would, instead the edibles elevated me and gave me a feeling of elation. I usually don't get the giggles but with these, I felt like I was laughing at every single little thing. It took a while before I felt like I was going back to normal.

I felt a lot of sativa-like effects like alertness, euphoria, while also feeling some indica effects like ache relief and a calmness I couldn't really describe. The combination of all the cannabinoids was perfect, I felt like I got a little bit of everything.

Overall I really liked the Melee Mutant Radioactive Edibles. I was blown away and all my worries about the gummies went away after my first delicious bite.

Melee Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds Pink Candy Kush Review - Conclusion

These gummies really changed my stance on edibles. Before I would choose to smoke 10/10 times but with these, I would definitely reconsider my stance. Melee really checked all the boxes when creating these, good flavor, potency, and most importantly natural ingredients.

I can't rave enough about these gummies, I have told every stoner I know about these and can't recommend enough. But don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself.