Mile High Cleaner Review

mile high cleaner review

Isopropyl Alcohol is made from fossil fuels and has not changed since it was introduced by the standard oil company in 1920. The whole planet is trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels but that is what cannabis consumers use to clean.

A billion tokers can release hundreds of millions of gallons of solvents per year. How? It is not spilled but dumped by choice two ounces at a time from every cleaning! It can be poured back in the bottle and re-used but most do not. 

Mile High Cleaner is an easy way to reduce our Carbon footprint and uses the highest standard level of cleaning.

About Mile High Cleaner

Mile HIGH Cleaner is the leader in natural and sustainable cannabis resin cleaning since 2015. It is the winner of “Sustainable Product of the year 2021” and “Best Organic Bong Cleaner of 2020.” 

Mile HIGH Cleaner, MHC, formula is 100% plant-based and sustainable. It kills germs, microbes, bacteria, and fungus. Although it kills these toxins, it is safe to eat. You read that right. It is safe to eat!

MHC is an odorless, organic, inert, tasteless goo that cleans resin amazingly, stunningly even insanely well. 30 drops can clean virtually any piece, so it costs less than ISO per use!

This is not another toxic solvent that many people use for cleaning smoke accessories. Instead, it changes the resin on a molecular level so it is no longer sticky. Simply coat the resin, scrub with the tools and wash with detergent. Like cleaning in the sink, the highest level of clean achievable in a home. The Deluxe Kit makes it that easy.

Mile High Cleaner Review
Image of the Deluxe Mile High Cleaner

What are the Features of Mile High Cleaner?

The Deluxe kit is the Best Deal! The 2oz bottle is enough to clean a 10” bong 50 times. The replacement bottle is cheap and bigger value jugs are available!

It comes with a variety of tools specifically for cleaning cannabis paraphernalia. It even comes with a travel kit for cleaning on the road

Including a combination of 9 various brushes from 6” to 16” long and an incredibly powerful magnetic scrubber, these tools have a lifetime warranty and free replacement when purchased in the Deluxe Kit.

As a Deluxe Kit owner, I am a member of the exclusive Daily Clean Club which has several benefits. We get free replacements of any tool in the kit forever, even new versions and additions. There is even a Canna Mag mini shuttle for tubes and tight spots. The Canna Mag is a magnetic cleaner that cleans your bong from the outside for those hard to clean places.

They want you to have the best cleaning experience possible so you will clean more often and buy more cleaners. This diabolical plan of giving stuff away for free gives a better tokes and cleaner planet for less money, time, and effort. Everybody wins.

If you only smoke pipes get the pipe kit. It will do just fine. If you own a bong or water pipe, get the Deluxe kit.

Mile High Cleaner for Pipes and Bongs!

Mile HIGH Cleaner is impressive! HIGH praise! 5 stars with a cherry on top! This is my favorite cleaner by far and on so many levels!

  • Works insanely well
  • Sustainable
  • Renewable
  • 100 % plant-based
  • Cannot harm me, my family, or the planet
  • It’s freaking EDIBLE!
  • Costs less than ISO per use
  • Prevents resin from sticking in water pipes
  • Has a formula for taking stains from fabric! (DAB Drops)
  • Has tools for tough percolator bongs (Canna Mag Expansion Pack Shuttles)

MHC makes pipe and bong cleaning extremely easy, just like doing dishes. Until you get it, you just will not understand how fundamentally realigning this truly is. Mile HIGH Cleaner is the next generation in cleaning cannabis residue, not some repurposed paint stripper that leaves us in a cloud of toxins with a supposedly “clean” bong.