ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si Reviews

ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si

Mod Pod Labs is a vaporizer company with a pair of flagship products that take sessions to the next level. Check out our review of the ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si to see why these rigs are a new pinnacle in dry herb and concentrate vaporizing.

ModPod Labs Company Info

For the ModPod Labs DeskPod & StemPod Si reviews, the company sent over their flagship DeskPod desktop vape and StemPod Si portable vaporizer unit. I was excited to give this brand a try.

ModPod Labs creates fully customizable vaping products meant to complement other smoking accessories in your collection. Whether you choose a box mod or a desktop vape, ModPod Labs' incredible dry herb and concentrate vaporizers are both damage-resistant and straight-up sleek.

ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si Reviews

ModPod Labs DeskPod Ultimate Bundle

DeskPod Box Contents & Technology

The DeskPod Ultimate Bundle comes with everything you need to experience the MPL vaping experience on whatever 14mm female pipe, water pipe, oil rig, or another piece you may already have.

The DeskPod package includes the main vape unit and a 14mm male bowl that is specially designed to work with the vaporizing unit. Also inside is a stand for the heating element and multiple other accessories. 

ModPod Labs uses quartz in their heating element. Their extensive trials and computer testing show it's more efficient than convection with metal, as it avoids overheating the inhaled vapor. The result is a better experience where you taste the herb rather than the flavor of charred coffee grounds.

Unboxing the ModPod Labs DeskPod

After setup was complete, I let this unit heat up on the stand for about a minute to burn off anything that may have been left on the unit during manufacturing. The device looked kind of funny sitting on my glass desk, creating a sort of futuristic vibe.

How to Use the ModPod DeskPod

To turn the DeskPod on, push the button on the back of the power supply. Then, set the temperature you want to use. Waiting for the heating element to reach temperature gives you the perfect amount of time to pack the bowl.

I filled the MPL bowl with the same amount that I would normally use. With the DeskPod, I was able to get five solid vape hits from what previously yielded one. The temperature I went with was around 600 to 800 degrees. I even took the temperature all the way to 900 degrees, which combusted the flower in the bowl. Each draw got me higher still.

My Experience With the ModPod Labs DeskPod

You know that feeling of vindication that you get when you know you’re doing something good for yourself? It’s that same sensation as when you are eating delicious vegetables you know are healthy.

Vaping with the MPL satisfies the same ingrained oral fixation I have from hitting bongs, but the DeskPod is a next-level experience. Definitely a higher level, all around.

ModPod Labs StemPod Si with Cooling Stem

StemPod Si Box Contents & Technology

ModPod Labs’ StemPod Si with Cooling Stem comes in a windowed black box that lets you peep the goodies before trying them. There’s a classic black sleeve over the standard 510 threaded system and it comes out of the box ready to go on your favorite box mod.

The black color happens to match my box mod. However, in case yours doesn’t, MPL offers different color sleeves including Rasta, red, pink, and green. There’s also a nice wood StashPod available for the whole lot.

ModPod Labs has Kanthal coils on deck inside the dry herb vaporizer system. Since the deck is rebuildable, advanced users can replace these with whatever heating element they prefer. There's also the JetPack expansion pack, which allows you to use a butane torch rather than coils if that's your preference.

Using the StemPod

First, I loaded up the stem and put it in the vaporizing unit. (This was the first time I'd bottom-loaded a bowl.) Next, I screwed the entire thing into my box mod and ripped my heart out. With cooler hits even at 600 degrees, I knew that I had something special on my hands.

My ModPod Labs StemPod Si Experience

My first handheld dry herb vaporizer came with always-on heating. I can still recall with a little bit of bittersweet nostalgia how much herb using it wasted. With the on-demand heating in the StemPod, ModPod Labs helps you stretch your flower dollar, saving you money in the long run.

If you’re a miser like me, you’re probably saving your AVB (already vaped bud). Both the StemPod and the DeskPod by ModPod Labs are great for reusing that too.

ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si Review Results

It’s not often that I’m this blown away by a new product. Using the ModPod DeskPod & StemPod Si brought me great joy. I'm happy to recommend them. Beginners may want to use these as they come in the box, but these ModPod Labs rigs give advanced users the flexibility to customize their vaping experience.Want to try one of them for yourself? Use code “MODPOD4Ever” for an awesome 20% OFF your entire ModPod Labs order on Slyng! Be sure to let me know what you thought after using your new MPL vape in the comments.