ModPod Labs StemPod Si 2.0 Review

mod pod labs stempod 2.0

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ModPod Labs Company Info

ModPod Labs is an innovative vaporizer company with well designed products that interface with your existing collection. Whether you’re searching for an on the go vaping experience with your box mod or an at home dedicated vaporizer, ModPod Labs (MPL) has a product for you.


MPL is committed to providing the cannabis industry with high quality devices that are entirely customizable, damage resistant, and designed with premium materials. On demand vaporization is the pinnacle of the vaping experience and MPL is making that experience available to the world.


For this review, ModPod Labs sent over their flagship StemPod Si 2.0 vaporizer unit. I’ve previously tried their DeskPod unit and the previous iteration of the StemPod so I was excited to give this new and improved version a try.


ModPod Labs StemPod Si 2.0 Review


ModPod Labs’ StemPod Si 2.0 comes in a black windowed box that shows you the goodies nestled inside right from the get go. The box advertises MPL’s three word slogan: “Instant. Powerful. Modular.” Inside the box, there is a bag of accessories (extra o rings, kanthal coils, and screen buckets), the cooling glass tip, and the eponymous StemPod Si 2.0.


Using the StemPod 2.0 is just as easy as using previous iterations of MPL’s atomizers. Take the screen bucket and put it in the bottom of the cooling stem to create the “bowl” where your freshly ground dried flower belongs. I loaded it up with some home grown gifted by my friend and then screwed it onto my box mod. For those that don’t have their own box mod already, ModPod Labs actually provides a full kit for their StemPod Si 2.0 that has everything you need. This kit comes with the Aegis box mod.


The airflow on the StemPod is fully adjustable from the bottom, and it took me just a few pulls to get dialed into exactly where I wanted. Even at the lowest setting, the cooling stem was doing its job wonderfully. Once you find your desired airflow, you can set it and forget it. Always nice when instead of hot fire burning my mouth, I feel smooth vapor going into my lungs. The taste and smell melded into one and was oh so strong. Like sticking my face in the bag of sticky icky and breathing through my mouth, but being able to smell it in my nose.


The StemPod Si 2.0 is an upgrade from MPL’s previous box mod vaporizer options and takes those moderately customizable pieces and makes it ultimately customizable. The firing element can be redone to your exact specifications, just like before.


Remember how I said every aspect of the device is customizable? The StemPod 2.0’s deck is rebuildable and advanced users can replace the Kanthal coils that come with the atomizer with Clapton coils, or whatever tickles your fancy. I’m not such an advanced user, but I know many people come to cannabis vaporizing from nicotine vaporizing and have existing hardware and habits that can be used for both. MPL does a great job of accommodating this type of power user while keeping items accessible to newcomers, too.




The StemPod Si 2.0 is the ultimate box mod atomizer for the vaporizing enthusiast. Whether it’s your first time vaping or your bajillionth, MPL’s StemPod is ready to be used - on demand. Don’t forget to save your AVB (already vaped bud) to make edibles with. I recommend the StemPod Si 2.0 to anyone that has been looking to get off of combustion. Don’t forget to check out MPL’s other products like the DeskPod, too.


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