MOONWLKR Calypso & Himalia D8 Vape Carts Review

MOONWLKR Delta 8 Himalia & Calypso Vape Cartridges

MOONWLKR provides US Farm Act compliant Delta 8 THC products including edibles and 510 threaded cartridges. Check out our review of these MOONWLKR Calypso and Himalia Delta 8 vape carts to see if they’re the right D8 THC vapes for you.

MOONWLKR Company Info 

An up-and-coming Delta-8 THC and CBD company, MOONWLKR carries an impressive line of vape cartridges and gummy edibles. Their cosmos-themed brand and product names showcase their creativity, as do their tailored flavors and strains.

This flavor and strain tailoring process is done using award-winning plant terpenes. Lab results for MOONWLKR Calypso and Himalia D8 vape carts and other D8 products are also available to view on their website.

I’ve previously been able to review MOONWLKR’s Titan and Telesto vape cartridges. This time, MOONWLKR sent their Calypso (Strawberry Gelato) and Himalia (Grape Runtz) 510 threaded vape cartridges for me to try. 

MOONWLKR D8 Calypso Vape Cartridge Review

MOONWLKR's Calypso D8 Vape Packaging

The MOONWLKR D8 Calypso Vape Cartridge arrives in a very berry red rectangular box with the 510 threaded cartridge safely secured inside.

This is MOONWLKR’s Strawberry Gelato strain, so the natural plant terpenes scream dessert and berry. All in all, the cart contains 800mg of D8 THC distillate and will fit any 510 threaded battery.

MOONWLKR doesn’t mess around with their carts. There are no cutting agents whatsoever, which you can tell in the throat feel! This means that you’ll definitely be coughing after a big pull.

There is no VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), PEG (polyethylene glycol), Vitamin E, or MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) in these carts - just distillate and terps.

Sampling the Calypso Delta 8 THC Vape Cart

This Strawberry Gelato vape hits like a Mack truck that's carrying strawberry mash and crashed into you because its tires melted like some ice cream.

The taste is definitely all berries and no straw, with a creaminess coming through. The only thing separating this from a delicious strawberries-and-creme flavor is the sharp kick of the distillate and the myriad earthy terps.

MOONELKR's Strawberry Gelato is a great example of a Delta 8 high that people would likely mark as typical for an indica dominant hybrid. This cart had me floating on the (vape) clouds over the moon, and it tastes delicious to boot.

The more I try D8, the more I prefer it for daytime use when compared to D9. Calypso is a sea goddess that some may call a temptress. Let’s just say the tempting powers of MOONWLKR’s Calypso cart should not be underestimated.

MOONWLKR D8 Himalia Vape Cartridge Review

MOONWLKR D8’s Himalia Grape Runtz Vape Cartridge arrives in a small, purple, rectangular box perfectly sized to hold the cartridge. This cart features 800mg of MOONWLKR’s D8 THC distillate and their tasty Grape Runtz flavor.

The grape is on point. It barrels through the taste buds and nose hairs like an ape. The final impact is once again felt on the throat. A cough is a reminder to treat this cart with the respect it deserves.

Ask a smoker what his favorite blunt wrap flavors are and, more often than not, the answer will include grape. I am unabashedly that guy. This grape will hit that nostalgia and make you crave a birthday blunt.

One great thing about MOONWLKR’s 510 threaded carts, no matter the flavor, is that they use a ceramic heater. That means that the flavor and distillate don’t get ruined and discolored by a burnt wick. More importantly, your high won’t be ruined by those things either.

The Himalia cart had me feeling like I could get up from my apartment and go climb a tall mountain. I was lifted, shifted, and left staring at the ceiling.

MOONWLKR Calypso & Himalia Delta 8 Vape Cart Review Results

The one feeling that never left my mind was the continued amazement that these products are ready and available to people like me. MOONWLKR is helping countless people with its products.

I’ve liked every flavor that I’ve tried thus far. While the flavors are the icing on the cake, the real star of this show is the Delta 8 THC distillate.

You can try it out yourself in a cart or even in an edible. Use code “MOONWLKR25” for an awesome 25% OFF your entire order from MOONWLKR!