Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies & 2 Gram Vape Cart Review


Company Overview

Cannabinoids are all the rage these days, and Orange County-based Ocho Extracts is leading the charge with its innovative products and potent extracts. Founded in 2018, Ocho Extracts is quickly making a name in the hemp-based cannabinoid industry.

Ocho Extracts takes great pride in its high-quality products, available in edibles, vape cartridges, and disposables. Inside all of Ocho Extracts’ products are real cannabis-derived terpenes that provide a true-to-plant experience and a true-to-strain one. The result is an array of the most flavorful extracts you can’t find elsewhere.

So if you’re looking for a cannabinoid brand that knows how to have a little fun, check out Ocho Extracts. You won’t be disappointed.

Today I will review their Obliter8 Raspberry Peach Gummies and 2g Vape Cartridge, Critical Mass.

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Obliter8 Gummies - Raspberry Peach

A small tradition with Ocho Extracts is that I try both their edibles and vapes simultaneously since the effects of both products go so well. Today I am trying their Raspberry Peach Obliter8 gummies and combining the results with their 2-gram vape cart.

The gummies come in a small pill bottle with 20 gummies, each with about 175g of product infused. Like all Obliter8 gummies, these are infused with Delta 6, Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-X, THC-B, THC-P, THC-H, and THC-JD. All of these cannabinoids have potent and psychoactive effects but combined make for an enjoyable time. The mixture of these eliminates most bad side effects like paranoia or anxiety.

I started with one gummy and was blown away by the fantastic flavor. I could taste the sweet fruity taste, and once again, I was blown away by the Obliter8 gummies.

Now to try them with the vape cart.

Obliter8 2g Vape Cart - Critical Mass


While waiting for the edible's effects to kick in, I screwed on my cart to my 510 battery and took my first puff of the Critical Mass flavor. It was smooth and flavorful, and it produced nice clouds. I let the taste linger for a while before I took my second hit, and it was a pungent taste. The indica in this cart should complement the effects of the gummies, and I should feel good trying both.

I took my second and third puff and felt the effects of the pen, a mild body high combined with a feeling of relaxation. I felt myself melt onto my couch. After about 20 minutes, I was still feeling the effects of the pen, and I also started feeling the gummies.

Combined, I felt a mellow and relaxing high; I could feel my anxiety and aches of the day melt away, and all I wanted to do was relax and live in the moment. It was a perfect combo for winding down after a long day.

Separately, both these Obliter8 products are good, but together they are great and the perfect 1-2 punch for relaxing and feeling good afterward. I highly recommend both of these products.

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Ocho Extracts Obliter8 Gummies & 2 Gram Vape Cart Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Ocho Extracts and their Obliter8 Gummies and Vape Cart. These products work together beautifully, creating an excellent experience for anyone who wants vaping and edibles.

The flavors of both the gummies and the vape cart are excellent, and both products' potency is outstanding. It is a pleasure always to have the opportunity to review Ocho Extracts products, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent cannabis experience.