Peak City CBD Chill Berry Tincture and CBD Sampler Review

Peak City


Peak City CBD was founded by organic chemist Matt Weschler in Apex, North Carolina. Apex is known as “the peak of good living” and that’s how Peak City CBD got its name. Weschler teamed up with a trusted, local hemp farm and used his chemistry skills to utilize CO2 extraction to produce full-spectrum CBD from that hemp. The hemp that Peak City CBD uses comes from an organic farm and the entire process of its lifestyle is under Peak City CBD’s careful eye so that they’re able to offer a farm-to-table CBD experience. The focus on this traceability/trackability means no users will have to wonder about the provenance of their CBD products when they choose Peak City CBD. peak-city-logo Peak City CBD sent over their Premium CBD Oil Drops in Chill Berry flavor, their CBD & CBG Hand Sanitizer, as well as their CBD Sampler pack which contains four oils and a topical. I was excited to try them all and experience what the best in Carolina hemp has to offer.

Peak City CBD Chill Berry Oil Drops Review

The Chill Berry Oil Drops come in a green and white box topped with a Peak City CBD sticker. Opening the box reveals the glass bottle with a dropper top that contains the Chill Berry oil drops. The bottle contains 1500mg of CBD in 30ml of oil so the 1ml dropper provides 30 premium oil drops worth of CBD with other cannabinoids and terpenes specially formulated to provide relaxation and anxiety relief. I took one full dropper - which is a wee larger than my normal CBD dosage and was immediately struck by the taste. I was expecting something different, but this almost tasted unflavored to me - which was a pleasant surprise. The taste was lightly fruity and not sweet. The flavoring itself was so light that if it were a personality I’d call it mellow, even chill. Since I took such a large dosage, I started feeling the noted effects of high-quality CBD and other cannabinoids within twenty minutes. I calmed down significantly mentally and my entire body phase-shifted into a non-sore version of itself. Peak City CBD recommends it during those stressful times before bedtime and I can definitely see why. This one is going in the bedside drawer. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Peak City CBD Sampler Review

The CBD Sampler pack comes with 5ml bottles of CBD oil drops as well as a 0.5 oz jar of their 750 mg Spring Shower Topical all in a convenient sealed bag. The included CBD oil drops are samples of the previously reviewed Chill Berry flavor in 1500mg strength, the Energized Apple flavor in 1500mg strength, the Natural flavor in 500mg strength, and the Peppermint flavor in 1000mg. Trying the oils out over several days, I took 1ml of the Energized Apple Oil Drops first thing in the morning and really enjoyed the taste. It was more notable to me than the Chill Berry, but that was music to my ears. The Energized Apple oil drops are formulated to provide energy and I noticed it in that my energy levels stayed at a plateau as long as I could feel the CBD - which is a nice feeling and counter to feeling burnt out. Taste: 4.8/5 Effectiveness: 4.9/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 The Peppermint Oil Drops I also tried in the morning and the flavor was cool and refreshing. Peppermint flavored CBD oil is one of the most common flavors but there is a very wide spectrum in just how minty they can be. For me, Peak City CBD hit right around the middle which makes this flavor perfect for anytime CBD or breath mint use. Without any special terpenes added in, this CBD hits a lot more evenly than the Chill Berry or Energized Apple but is still strong due to the extraction. Taste: 4.8/5 Effectiveness: 4.9/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 The Natural Oil Drops I took before bed and the taste was as good as I imagined from the consistent parts between the other flavors. Some people don’t like the telltale taste of cannabis that finds its way into edibles and extracts on principle, which is a shame. None of Peak City CBD’s stuff tastes grassy, it just tastes good. I slept wonderfully that night and it’s good to know that higher doses can still hit me harder. Taste: 5/5 Effectiveness: 4.9/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 4.9/5 The Spring Shower CBD Topical Cream smelled delicious and felt great on the small of my back where I have the most trouble due to years of bad posture. Within thirty minutes I was up and about standing straighter like a younger man. The smell from the jar and the smell on my hands once applied was herbal and floral. They say the smell of rain, or a spring shower, is just water bringing out the smells of everything else and this captures that perfectly. Effectiveness: 5/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 5/5

Peak City CBD Hand Sanitizer Review

The CBG: CBD Hand Sanitizer comes in a glass bottle with a pushdown pump top. The bottle’s label features the Peak City CBD flower logo on the left as well as a proud Made in USA badge. The formulation of the hand sanitizer is 62% ethanol and the hand sanitizer features a 1:1 ratio of CBG: CBD with 50mg of each. The hand sanitizer is not too liquidy and not too solid, and it dispenses well from the bottle’s included pump. I suggest two presses to get enough to thoroughly coat your hands and up to your wrists. I go for the wrists and also the knuckles on my hands just to concentrate the effects there. Cannabinoids that are applied topically never make it to the bloodstream, but they do make it through the skin and interact with local endocannabinoid receptors. Within ten minutes I noticed that my hands felt better, my typing felt easier, and my impending carpal tunnel seemed further away - if only for a little bit. There were no mental effects, but the physical effects - and sanitation - were very welcome and appreciated. While alcohol is the main antiseptic that does the sanitation, Peak City CBD specially formulated this hand sanitizer to include vitamin E to help the skin thrive - something that CBD and CBG also can help with. Because CBD and CBG help with inflammation, they help with many skin conditions that are rooted in inflammation such as atopic dermatitis. Effectiveness: 4.8/5 Ease of use: 5/5 Overall score: 4.9 The full spectrum CBD extraction process is so much more than just sourcing some hemp flowers and turning an extraction machine on. Peak City CBD understands this because of their founder’s expertise and previous job - and it shows in their products. The CBD Oil Drops were great tasting and effective. Besides the CBD oil, their CBG hand sanitizer and CBD topicals were also top-notch. On top of all that, these are domestic products so you know that you’re supporting the local economy. Use code PEAKCBD50 for an awesome 50% OFF your entire order from Peak City CBD!