Pinweel 3 Gram Disposable & 2 Gram Vape Cartridge Review


Company Overview

Pinweel is a cannabis brand founded to become an inclusive and self-empowered company. Pinwheel seeks to make cannabis an accepted form of relaxation and a symbol of joy. As such, Pinwheel strives to break down the stigmas that extended surround cannabis use by creating high-quality products that can be used every day or not. Pinwheel takes tremendous pride in all its products, carefully sourcing the highest quality ingredients and crafting innovative products that reflect its colorful mission.

The vibrant design choice isn't simply an aesthetic choice but a representation of the liveliness and colorfulness they incorporate into their brand. As Pinweel says, cannabis use isn't just about relaxation; it’s integral to unlocking our highest creative potential and embracing positivity. From creating flavorful vape cartridges to energizing sparkling tea, Pinwheel has something for everyone.

Today I will review two top-selling products, Their 3-gram disposable Peanut Butter & Jesus and their 2-gram Vape Cart, Fruity Pebbles.

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Delta 8 + Delta 11 + THC-P Disposable

The first product I decided to check out was the Peanut Butter & Jesus disposable. Like most disposables, it comes in a standard sleek pen, a pull pen which means there isn't any button to press, pull and get the taste of the sweet nectar.

The Peanut Butter & Jesus disposable has an exciting combination of Delta 8, Delta 11, and THCP, which have diverse effects. The Delta 8 gives the user euphoria, relaxation, and relief, but in a mild form. On the other hand, the Delta 11 provides a more potent euphoria and a longer duration. Lastly, the THCP interacts with the endocannabinoid system differently than THC, with a far greater affinity for the receptors.

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Now it's time to give this disposable a try. I took my first hit and immediately tasted a fruity taste. It was an intense and lingering flavor, as sweet as a vape but as potent as any other vape. I took about two big hits before feeling the effects, starting with a mild head high that turned into a full-body euphoria.

It was the perfect little pick-me-up for a gloomy day, and I felt great for about 45 minutes after taking the hits. This disposable is worth trying for those looking to experience a more potent euphoria than expected.

HHC + Delta 11 + THC-P Vape Cartridge

The next thing I decided to try was the Fruity Pebbles vape Cart. Like the disposable, these carts are infused with Delta 11 and THC-P, but unlike the PB&J, these are infused with HHC instead of Delta 8. HHC is a mellow cannabinoid that is calming when infused with other cannabinoids.

The 510 thread means I could use it on any pen battery, and it screws on easily. I attached it to my battery and took my first few hits, and the flavor again blew me away. I was extremely amazed by how quickly the effects hit me, only taking one long puff to feel the effects.

It was another chill and mellow high that I felt throughout the day.

Pinweel 3 Gram Disposable & 2 Gram Vape Cartridge Review - Conclusion

In conclusion, I had a great time with Pinweel's products. Their vape cart and pen both gave me solid and effective highs that were enjoyable. Not only was the high great, but the taste was too. With no harshness or chemical aftertaste, the quality of the products was evident.

Their packaging was discreet and professional, with no typical cannabis-related paraphernalia. Pinweel surprised me with its quality, and I would recommend its products to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable experience.