Product Review: Road Runner Portable Dabber


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    Dab rigs are the new bongs! Dabs are renowned for being a potent and fast acting means of consumption, and are one of my personal favorite ways to consume. Many long time smokers reminisce fondly about their first high, and dabs can bring that special feeling back. The rise of legalizing marijuana is quickly gaining ground state after state. With this comes elevated national support and attention, meaning that new markets are BOOMING with new items -- including the cannabis accessory business. 

    The Road Runner Portable Dabber is one of the early responses to the legalized cannabis market and the growing demand for dabs and dab accessories. Dabs are concentrates, often 80%, or higher of cannabis extract. These extractions are done through a variety of methods (some of which use dangerous fumes or chemicals, so I do not recommend homemaking them).

    The finished product is a solid mass of wax, shatter, or resin. The resin is consumed through a dab rig like the Road Runner, where a point is superheated (usually with a butane torch or electric “nail”), and the dabs are applied. The heat vaporizes the extract and the smoke is inhaled.  

    The beauty of the Road Runner is in its simplicity. When I got my first one from Lightshade, a dispensary in Colorado, I was elated but skeptical. How would this simple, 10 inch, glass tube, withstand the levels of heat and daily life of a seasoned toker like me? I was not disappointed. Designed like a straw, the rig is one solid piece instead of multiple pieces.

    You simply put a small amount of dab in the cue (a small rubbery box that has a half bowl dug into it to hold the product), heat the tip of the straw, and gently dip the Road Runner tip into the product. Wait for the product to vaporize, take a deep breath in, and enjoy. Much like sipping a milkshake, there’s little effort to draw in the vaporized product. The homemade glass is strong, having survived multiple drops, falls, slips, and being chomped on by my dogs.  

    Cleaning the rig is a lot simpler to me than most rigs. Being a solid piece, I simply boil it, drop it into a glass of 70% or higher alcohol and allow it to sit overnight. Then in the morning, I gave it a quick rinse and allowed it to air dry, and it’s as good as new! 

    The best part of the Road Runner Portable Dabber is traveling, whether you're going across the street or across the state, the Road Runner is super simple to travel with. Just drop it in the travel bag (my kit came with a small travel pouch), toss it in your bag or pocket and you’re ready to hit the ol’ dusty trail! For longer trips, or because I tend to toss my purse down a lot, I wrap the Road Runner in a dish cloth before putting it in the travel pouch to add some extra cushion for any bumps. Whether you’re a first time dabber or a seasoned connoisseur, the Road Runner is designed for you. 

    Overall the Road Runner gets a solid 9/10, it’s simple, effective, durable, easy to clean, ready to travel, and at $40 is an affordable investment for cannabis needs.   

    Rating: 9/10