Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream Cart Review

Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream Delta 8 Vape Cart

Pur Delta 8 is a leading provider of D8 THC products including premium vape cartridges in many different strains. Check out our review on Pur Delta 8’s Blu Dream cart to see if this is the D8 vape you’ve been looking for.

About Pur Delta 8

Pur Delta 8 hails from Tampa, Florida, and is committed to providing high-quality, pure Delta 8 THC products to the entire country under the US Farm Act of 2018. End users can verify this purity by viewing the lab test results that PUR Delta 8 publishes online for all of their products. 

PUR Delta 8 prides itself on using hemp-derived extracts and terpenes from real cannabis cultivars, like the Blue Dream strain. D8 vape companies need the right combination of powerful D8 THC distillate and real terpenes to be able to provide a full high aided by the entourage effect.

I’ve previously been able to review Pur Delta 8’s Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge and White Grapefruit gummy slices. This time around, Pur Delta 8 sent over their Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream THC vape cart.

Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream Cart Review

Blu Dream D8 Vape Cart Packaging

The Pur Delta 8 lu Dream cart comes in a black box with a viewing window. This brand offers its Blu Dream D8 cart in both its disposable and non-disposable lines.

I am a fan of Pur’s disposables but there’s something about their premium cartridges. Some people might find it gimmicky, but the bullet cartridge design of the vape cartridge really speaks to me.

Trying the Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream Cart

The Blue Dream strain is very popular, and according to my anecdata, regularly features in top-ten strain lists. The D8 version hasn’t been on the market for anywhere near as long. While some other brands have offered it, Pur Delta 8 is the first Blue Dream D8 cartridge I get to try.

The hits I took were consistent, as smooth as I wanted them, and very efficacious and fast-acting. I liken this level of high as being in a waking daydream. With Blu Dream, you’re able to control your reactions to incoming stimuli.

Like in a real dream, when something happens, you can choose to close your eyes and ignore it in blissful ignorance, or you can tackle it head-on with a goofy smile on your face. With this cart, the choice is yours. (After all, this is your lucid (blue) dream.)

After I was high and staring at the cartridge, I realized my favorite part was definitely the wood tip. Second favorite part? The metal screw-on protector for the thread.

Seriously, save this piece for use long after your first Pur Delta 8 cartridge is used up. Use it with other cartridges and when you buy your second and third Pur Delta 8 cartridges. Your other carts will thank you if they could.

Pur Delta 8 Blu Dream Cart Review Results

I mentioned that some of my friends consider Blue Dream to be a top-ten strain. In my personal list, the Blue Dream strain might not make the overall top ten, but it does make the top ten for hybrid suggestions.

Obviously, strains will affect each individual differently. However, there are commonalities because our endocannabinoid systems were developed the same way.

I’ll be honest, the Blue Dream D8 experience doesn’t capture the classic Blue Dream combustion experience, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the closest experience that I can put in my pocket and consume on the go.

Don’t believe me? Try it. Use code “PUR20” for an amazing 20% OFF your entire order from PUR Delta 8!