Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookie & Grandaddy Purp Vape Reviews

Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookie & Granddaddy Purp Vape Carts

Pur Delta 8 has D8 THC disposable vapes and cartridges for sale in many different strain profiles. Check out our review of the Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookie & Grandaddy Purp vape flavors to see if they are D8 products you've been searching for.

About Pur Delta 8

Pur Delta 8 is an American company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They provide 100% hemp-derived products that are US Farm Act of 2018 compliant.

This brand chooses classic strains, like Grandaddy Purp (GDP) and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) to base their vape cartridges on. All of the products' lab results are available for viewing online.

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing Pur Delta 8’s Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge and White Grapefruit gummy slices as well as Pur’s Blu Dream vape cart. For this review, the company sent over two vapes: a Gurl Scout Cookie D8 cartridge and a Grandaddy Purp D8 disposable vape.

Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookie Vape Cartridge Review

Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookies Vape Cart

Unboxing Pur's Gurl Scout Cookie Vape Cart

Pur Delta 8’s Gurl Scout Cookie vape cartridge has a hybrid terpene profile formulated for creativity. The cart comes in a well-designed cardboard box with a viewing window showcasing the vape’s wood tip and hollow point bullet shape.

This is Pur’s premium cartridge. Even though it’s not my first time seeing it, it’s still just as striking and impressive this time around.

After I removed the GSC vape cart from the box, I still needed to remove the metal cap protecting the 510 thread. That’s a serious and heavy-duty upgrade that really stands out. Don’t forget to keep it!

Trying the Pur D8 GSC Cartridge

This is my first time trying the Girl Scout Cookies strain in Delta 8 and I kind of knew going in that I’d like it. Each hit tasted familiar due to the infused terpenes that come from real cannabis plants.

Whether it’s a vape, flower, or edible, I think it’s always possible to taste if the terps are real or synthetic. There’s no fruitiness here. It’s closer to the grass end of that spectrum. There are peppery and earthy notes as well with a hint of sweetness at the very end. 

This cartridge's airflow is nothing to be scoffed at. Compared with other vape carts that I had on hand, the wood tip offers a guesstimated 50% or more room for airflow. It’s a true circle that allows me to sip the vapor in smaller hits and not need to cough to get off. 

I felt simultaneously focused (with that feeling of a pressure ring around the eyes) and completely relaxed in the body. My mind was high and the creative juices were flowing. Meanwhile, my body was low, and somehow both were enjoying everything.

This is the high I enjoy with strains close to being 50/50 sativa and indica mix. I didn’t get too hungry while on this cart and, while my sofa looked inviting, I wasn’t locked in da couch.

D8 carts in general don’t slow me down as much as D9 carts sometimes do. I consider that a good thing for my personal medication patterns, especially when I need a burst of creativity.

Pur Delta 8 Grandaddy Purp Disposable Vape Review

Grandaddy Purp D8 Disposable Vape Packaging

The Pur Delta 8 Grandaddy Purp disposable vape comes in a long black childproof box with a viewing window that lets you see the goodies before you open the box.

This particular vape pen formula promotes relaxation. Prohibition often limits what kinds of cannabis products are available. Pur makes that a thing of the past.

To share a personal experience, I once only smoked GDP flower for an entire year because that’s what was around - and I stocked up. I remember it as the most in da couch high I had ever felt at the time. GDP has a way of making you only want to do one thing: smoke more GDP.

With D8 vapes like this Pur Delta 8 Grandaddy Purp, you can manifest your microdosing dreams. You can be exactly as high as you want to be. It may take a little time to get the calibration right, but this is where I feel that D8 carts shine.

I took a few blinkers (10-second rips) to test out the impact of this bullet-shaped vape. The high is high indeed and felt like a D8 dab. Hell, it even felt similar to some D9 dabs I’ve taken. The Grandaddy Purp strain does that to me, and I enjoy full-body relaxation every time.

Pur Delta 8 Gurl Scout Cookie & Grandaddy Purp Vape Review Results

The Gurl Scout Cookies by PUR Delta 8 is a classic hybrid. It’s also one of PUR Delta 8’s newest terpene infusion additions to the brand's line of premium D8 premium vape cartridges. On the other hand, the Granddaddy Purp is disposable and it hits like a muscle relaxant.

These D8 vapes are ready for beginners to learn on and for experts to enjoy. The premium cartridges and disposables are quite the sight to behold and the vapor itself is quite a breath to take in.

PUR Delta 8 has several other specially chosen strains in vapes that are worth trying, too. Want to give them a try yourself? Use code “PUR20” for an amazing 20% OFF your entire order from PUR Delta 8!