PUR Delta 8 Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge & White Grapefruit Gummies | Review

pur delta 8 vape cartridge and gummies

PUR Delta 8 is a Florida-based hemp company with a strong line of Delta 8 (D8) products, which includes vape cartridges and edibles. Check out our review on PUR Delta 8’s White Grapefruit slices and Jack Ripper vape cartridge to see if these D8 products are for you.

About PUR Delta 8 

PUR Delta 8 is based in sunny Tampa, Florida⁠—where quality hemp can grow year-round. What sets the company apart is its goal to bring the widest possible variety of quality products to consumers. This means that the PUR team has spent countless hours working on special formulations of Farm Bill-compliant, hemp-derived extracts and terpenes from real cannabis cultivars.

As is industry standard now, PUR Delta 8 publishes all of its lab test results online, and PUR is proud to showcase the purity and potency of its products. 

For this review, the company sent over its Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge and White Grapefruit gummy slices. I was excited to try them all.

PUR Delta 8 Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge Review

The PUR Delta 8 Jack Ripper Vape Cartridge comes in a sleek box that features a viewing window to allow you to quickly see the product. Once you get past the childproofing and open the box, the premium cartridge is revealed nestled in some pre-cut foam. 

Take the cartridge out and you’ll see 1 gram of PUR’s D8 extract in the Jack Ripper flavor.

First Impressions of the Delta 8 Vape Cartridge in Jack Ripper

It took me a second, but I realized what the design of the cartridge was: a straight-up hollow point bullet. With the metal cap that protects the threaded part of the cartridge, this thing really looks like a rifle round⁠—albeit a wood-tipped one. With ammo prices being what they are nowadays… that’s a pretty premium cartridge, in my high opinion. 

Seriously, I’ll keep it once it’s done. 

Fun fact: The reason a “shot” of alcohol is so named is that, back in the day, people would sometimes exchange one bullet for one shot of whiskey. And obviously, this fully filled shot of D8 is worth so much more than any shot of whiskey.

I took a fat rip to start it off, and it hit very nicely thanks to the ceramic coil. I didn’t taste much on the way in but on exhale, the Jack Ripper terps really came out. Citrusy and floral without being fruity, and with a smack of energy.

I don’t know what D9 Jack Ripper feels like, but I do know that I enjoy PUR’s Jack Ripper very much. The flavor and high are provided by real cannabis terpenes and hemp-derived cannabinoids⁠—which is exactly what all good carts do.

The Verdict

This is a great daytime strain⁠—as all Jacks are. Shoutout to Jack Herer the man, and Jack Herer the strain, as well as both of their progeny.

Taste: 4.7/5
Effectiveness: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 4.9/5

PUR Delta 8 White Grapefruit Slices Edible Gummies Review

PUR Delta 8’s White Grapefruit Slices come in a plastic jar with a black lid. The one that arrived for this review contained eight slices, but there is another variant of the product that comes with 16 slices of White Grapefruit gummies. 

The slices, which are dusted with sugar, are shaped like a triangle⁠—or an uppercase delta, for those versed in the Greek alphabet. 

Also, each gummy is infused with 30mg of Delta 8 THC. 

First Impressions of the Delta 8 White Grapefruit Slices

The taste of the gummy is definitely less sour than a real white grapefruit (which is noticeably sweeter than pink to me), but still sour enough to be recognizable. I like grapefruit⁠—even straight grapefruit juice⁠—so having something that’s close in taste, and in chewable gummy form, is always a hit for me.

I ate a whole triangle or 30mg of Delta 8 THC, which seems to be about the minimum amount I require to feel something from D8 edibles. As a general rule of thumb for somebody who is experienced with D9 edibles, start with the same dosage⁠—but be aware that you may need to double up to achieve similar levels of lift-off.

The Verdict

I’d classify this D8 edible as a creeper. The taste of the extract comes through a little bit to complement the sour/sweetness of the gummy itself. A few hours later, I realized that I had been kind of floating on autopilot for the last hour. I had eaten a full-on dinner and didn’t feel full until the moment I stood up. 

This was the strongest munchie experience I’ve had with a D8 edible, and it was rather enjoyable. I had the munchies, but my stomach did not turn into a black hole. 

Again, enjoyable, but definitely not over-the-top.

Taste: 5/5
Effectiveness: 4.7/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Overall score: 

PUR Delta 8 has some great products targeted towards vapers and munchers. Whether you want a premium vape cartridge or some delicious fruit gummies, PUR Delta 8 has a tasty and efficacious way for you to get your D8. 

The flavors I tried were great for daytime use and honestly would be great at night, too. Try it any time of day.

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