Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbons Review

Pur Delta 8 Rainbow Ribbons Gummies

Pur Delta 8 prides itself on offering 100% hemp-derived extracts. This Florida-based company focuses on creating pure and potent lab-tested products. Check out our review on Pur Delta 8’s Sour Rainbow Ribbons to get the inside scoop on this new D8 edible.

Pur Delta 8 Company Info

Pur Delta 8 is proud of its high quality. This Delta 8 THC distillate tests at 96% potency and contains terpenes extracted from 100% hemp, providing true plant flavor and a potent entourage effect. They also publish all lab test results online, so you can be confident about what you're getting.

I’ve previously gotten to try Pur D8’s White Grapefruit Slices as well and the Jack Ripper vape cart. This time around, Pur sent over their sour rainbow ribbons, which have certainly piqued my curiosity.

Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbons Review

Unpacking the Pur D8 Sour Rainbow Ribbons

Pur Delta 8’s Sour Rainbow Ribbons come in a plastic jar with a black lid and tamper evident sticker on top. Opening the jar reveals 240mg of D8 THC hidden in eight sour rainbow ribbons.

These Delta 8 THC gummies were positively sparkling with sour dust, with 30mg of D8 THC in each tiny sour rainbow ribbon. That works out to roughly 4mg per stripe of color!

Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbons User Experience

To start my pure D8 journey, I ate half of a sour rainbow ribbon. Ingesting 15mg of D8 THC is already almost 2x my normal D8 dosage. However, splitting the ribbon more just didn’t seem right.

The taste of the candy was tangy from the first bite. That super-sour flavor actually complements the sharp taste of distillate very well. I let the whole thing dissolve in my mouth.

The texture wasn’t too hard nor too moist. Best of all didn’t really stick to my teeth that bad when I did decide to chew. Even the little bits that do get stuck pack a punch minutes later.

After eating a ribbon, I was so high that I kept eating other foods. Honestly, they all seemed kind of dull after the sourness of the Pur Delta 8 gummies.

Most people might just chew and swallow quickly because the taste is too authentic. If you eat a second serving of these gummies as I did though, you should definitely savor the flavor.

When eaten as an edible, Delta 8 THC breaks down into 11-Hydroxy-THC. This is the compound that makes its way past the blood-brain barrier to give you psychoactive feels.

The thing is, Delta 9 THC also does the same thing. That makes these sour rainbow ribbons a genuine cannabis edible experience. They're also US Farm Act of 2018 compliant and legally ship to your door. The world is a wonderful place.

Pur D8 Sour Rainbow Ribbon Review Results

Enjoying edibles should be an experience, and with PUR Delta 8, it most certainly is. I’d recommend these Pur Delta 8 Sour Rainbow Ribbons for daytime and nighttime. They can help you enjoy your daytime activities or knock you out. Really, they’re good for whenever. If your tolerance is low - definitely try the eating by color approach!

Pur Delta 8 offers pure Delta 8 THC products ranging from vaporizer cartridges to many flavors of candies. This brand's D8 is stronger than many competitors, and it's noticeable. Each variety I’ve had was potent, tasted delicious, and felt like a classic THC-edible high.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Delta 8 THC or a seasoned expert, Pur Delta 8 products are an excellent choice. Use code “PUR20” for an amazing 20% OFF your entire order from Pur Delta 8!