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About PURR

PURR Glass was founded in 2003 by then student and budding entrepreneur, Chad Zindroski. Launching first with the flagship scientific hammer bubbler, Purr offers a unique take on the traditional bubbler and bong by designing top-notch glass pipes with high-performance diffusion to intricately break up your smoke for easy to inhale, smooth hits. Take a look at Purr's lineup; sharp lines, pristinely clean glass, functional downstems to mention a few details all execute on the companies vision of high-quality, hand-crafted glass with uncompromising performance. Zindroski is unique as a glass company owner. With a background in the arts, ceramics, and traditional soft glassblowing as well as borosilicate pipe making, he was able to bootstrap his affinity for the arts into a thriving community-focused business. A beautiful balance between design and function shines through in every piece that PURR offers. From the lavish Smokey Glass Filter Tip to hold your rolls to the Purr2Go, a single passionate thought comes through; deliver the best smoking experience when and, in the case of the Purr2Go, where you need it.

What to Expect from the Purr2Go?

The Purr2Go is designed as a premium travel bubbler offering a unique modular design. It is the only alternative pipe that is American made, incorporating glass components for the most comparable water diffused, full function smoking experience. The unit is small, and its package is equally discreet. The sleek packaging acts as a delivery vessel as well as highlighting product features, assembly, and cleaning instructions. P2Go The Purr2Go can be configured with a few different options. The kit I am reviewing includes the titanium domeless nail and extra round bowl; additional configurations include the showerhead downstem, nails, and bowls. Included in every package is a water-resistant travel case, a lovely touch.
The chamber, cap, and mouthpiece are composed of shatter-resistant, high heat resistant BPA free, medical-grade polycarbonate. Note, even with the heat resistance of the polycarbonate, it's not a good idea to get this portion near an open flame. These three pieces come together to make up the core of the bubbler, screwing together and coming apart quickly. The threads are large and easily cleanable with alcohol if they get dirty. The injection-molded chamber sports the company's logo on the front along with the state of California on the back, a call out to the company's roots. The glass downstem slides down through the opening of the cap and offers a universal 14mm joint for seating the nail, bowl, or any other 14mm accessory. The Purr2Go is designed for dual smoking use via the titanium nail or round glass bowl. Even the travel case offers extra slots for both accessories, or a lighter, hemp wick, or anything else you’d like to stash (wink, wink).

Purr2Go Review

The first thing that struck me while assembling the bubbler was how comfortable it felt in my hands, the cylindrical chamber fits nicely in hand. The mouthpiece is nine and a half inches. This adds some distance between the bowl or nail and your face. This additional length also works in conjunction with the base of the chamber, which is cut at an angle and creates an excellent prop so that the bubbler can stand on its own. Just one more example of the thought that was put into the functionality of the device. P2Go I started smoking with the round bowl and a dry herb first. I found filing the water 1/3 full, ensuring the opening of the perc or downstem is fully submerged, worked best. Depending on how hard I wanted to pull, I could add more water. The length that the mouthpiece offers is appreciated when using the round bowl, I can't explain how much I like my eyebrows. I got a kick out of watching the smoke fill the chambers as the glass and polycarbonate are crystal clear. The hits quite flavorful, offering the quality of a bong in a larger class. I continued to smoke dry herb out of the bubbler for a few days and enjoyed the experience.
Next, I wanted to give the titanium nail a run. My hits were extraordinarily smooth, massive and robust. I did not get to test the unit in a remote locale unless you count my yard, but the potential excites me. As an avid camper and traveler, the portability and attention to the small details make the Purr2Go my new go-to travel accessory. The entire bubbler disassembles and stows away in a flash. Easy to drop into a duffel bag or purse, bringing it along on your next journey is a no brainer. With the nail and glass bowl combo, I can leave even more behind without sacrificing much at all.

Take Away

The moderately priced Purr2Go Travel Hammer Bubbler Bong and Rig set packs a lot of features into a tiny package. The lightweight and collapsible design means you really can take this piece anywhere. And as a dual smoker, you can have the best of both worlds. Want to try Purr Glass for yourself? Use our Purr Glass coupon code: Purr10 for 10% OFF your entire purchase at Purr Glass!