Qloudup Nexus Pro Review


A true standout among vape pens for concentrates, the Nexus Pro by Qloudup delivers big on flavor and vapor output all while having magnetic interchangeable parts for easy maintenance and use.

Qloudup Nexus Pro Review

Straying away from industry-standard vape pen designs is not a decision most companies would make since it involves a lot of risks. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped Qloudup from taking bold steps in a new direction for their own vape pen designs.

While a majority of vape pens are held together with 510 threading, which allows many differently-branded vape pens to work together seamlessly. The Qloudup decided to move away from 510 thread in the design of their Nexus Pro vaporizer for the sake of ease, convenience, and satisfying clicks.

The Qloudup Nexus Pro’s magnetic features are not where the uniqueness stops, as the body is made of stainless steel and the mouthpiece is made of glass for a cool, comfortable draw and maximum flavor every session.

The two magnetic atomizers that are included with the Nexus Pro are of the dual quartz and ceramic variety. Which includes an updated version of Qloudup’s own ceramic atomizer called the Disq II, and they both provide especially tasty draws.

The Nexus Pro has four temperature settings and charges quickly, and with a lifetime warranty on the 650 mAh battery, the longevity of this awesome vape pen is certainly guaranteed.

Qloudup Company Profile

A company that uses the power of creativity and passion to create its unique vaporizer designs. Qloudup aims to take the art of making vaporizer pens to new heights.

They even go so far as to name the flagship products in their lineup “Nexus,” which describes the combination of technology, quality, and experience that goes into the design of Qloudup vaporizers.

The heart and soul of Qloudup’s vaporizer lineup is the inclusion of up to three Nexus atomizers that were created by product engineers to produce some of the cleanest-tasting vapor.

The ceramic atomizers by Qloudup provide full flavor and are called the Disq and Disq II, which are included with the Nexus and Nexus Pro. The crystal quarts single and double rod with titanium coil atomizers easily produces very large clouds.

Qloudup’s products are designed to have long-lasting uses between charges and refills, as every vaporizer includes a deep-seated chamber that holds up to half a gram of concentrate.

The 650 mAh battery included with Qloudup vaporizers can last for days with average use and only needs about an hour to fully charge up. An extremely efficient use of available power considering its compact size.

The last thing that ties all of Qloudup’s products together is the exclusion of wicks, glues, and dyes in the manufacturing process, which is done out of concern for the health and safety of Qloudup’s users.

Qloudup sells all of its products on its website and the company is equally into social media as it is into vaporizer design, so find them by searching: @qloudup.

Nexus Pro Review

Before even opening the box containing the Qloudup Nexus Pro it is easy to discern that what's inside is going to be an attractive device.

The importance of packaging design cannot be underestimated, and Qloudup seems to have known this very well when designing the Nexus Pro’s complete package.

After opening the black lid, which has black reflective lettering and a great solid red badge bearing the company’s logo on the top left, I was greeted with a thing of beauty.

The Nexus Pro is a stainless steel vape pen with a glass mouthpiece and it was displayed through a slit just big enough to show it through a cream-colored greeting card that had the company and product logo.

Nexus Pro-Glass-Mouthpiece

The way that the packaging revealed the Nexus Pro gave it an air of significance, making it seem worthy of such a nice presentation, which made me even more excited to try it out.

The complete contents of the Nexus Pro package include the Nexus Pro vape pen, two magnetic atomizers (one ceramic Disq II atomizer and one crystal quartz double rod with titanium coil atomizer), a magnetic USB charger, a dab tool, and an instruction booklet. 

Using the Nexus Pro

The Nexus Pro is held together entirely with magnetic force.

Taking apart and putting back together the different sections of the Nexus Pro is a very quick, easy and satisfying process since every successful connection results in an awesome clicking sound.

In fact, that satisfying clicking sound is one of my favorite aspects of the Nexus Pro, and it starts right with charging it up since the charger that comes with it snaps right on the battery for the quick 1-hour charge.

The Nexus Pro breaks down into three parts: the glass mouthpiece, the atomizer, and the battery.

Once the battery is charged it’s a matter of deciding whether you want max flavor or max vapor, as the included Disq II atomizer will produce some very tasty vapor, while the crystal quartz double rod with titanium coil atomizer will produce an enormous amount of vapor.

I consider myself a flavor guy, so I snapped the Disq II atomizer onto the battery, loaded up my desired amount of concentrate and snapped on the glass mouthpiece.

Cycling through the Nexus Pro’s temperature setting is a breeze, requiring three clicks of the multicolored button to switch between them, and five clicks to turn the device on and off.

The draws from the Nexus Pro are very tasty and very smooth, which I credit to the Disq II atomizer’s clever design and the cool & comfortable magnetic glass mouthpiece.

The Nexus Pro looks great, it works great, is packaged and presented masterfully and is, most importantly, affordable. I definitely recommend this device to anybody who loves vaporizing concentrates on the go. 

Look: 4.8/5

Build Quality: 5/5

Ease of Use: 4.7/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5